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Numbers of Eritrean - Ethiopian Refugees in Sudan!

by Admin

In December 2000, the number of Eritrean refugees in Sudan reached 750,000 Eritreans. Many of those Eritrean refugees lived in big cities in the capital of Khartoum and had businesses and works in many projects in the east and central Sudan.

However, the numbers of the old Eritrean refugees who fled during the first long liberation war that took 30 years have increased by the numbers of the new Eritrean refugees who fled during the second short war between Eritrea and Ethiopia.

Plans continued after the independence of Eritrea to repatriate 36,500 Eritrean and Ethiopian refugees from Sudan by the end of 2000 to Eritrea and Ethiopia.

Before the repatriation, there were 240,000 Eritrean refugees in eastern Sudan alone. Some 134,500 of them lived in 12 camps east Sudan. The other Eritrean refugees obviously worked in many cities like Port Sudan, Kasala and Al Gadarif.

There were 1,178 registered Ethiopian refugees in southern Sudan alone in June 2007. The numbers of Ethiopian refugees reached 60,000 in the eastern Sudan and 27,000 in the central Sudan. Meanwhile, there were 57,000 Sudanese refugees in Ethiopia in the same period.

The unregistered Ethiopian refugees who fled and resettled in Sudan since the late 1940s exceeded those numbers. However, no one considered those old resident Ethiopians refugees.

Many Eritrean and Ethiopian refugees fled to Egypt too during the first and the second Ethiopian-Eritrean wars. By June 2009, Eritrean refugees reached 42,000 in Egypt and Egypt forced many of them to get back to Eritrea.

The Ethiopian Prime Minister, Meles Zenawi appealed to Egypt's Husni Mubarak to deport Eritrean refugees to Ethiopia in June 2008.

In coincidence, Germany pledged 750,000 Euro to Eritrean refugees in Ethiopia and worked to help resettling Eritrean refugees abroad. The UN has appealed also in March 2009, to assist 30,000 Eritrean refugees in 3 camps in north Ethiopia.

Eritrean refugees fled to Ethiopia in the last decade after the second war. The numbers of Eritrean refugees in Ethiopia estimated at that time by over 17,000 Eritrean refugees.

The UNHCR estimated by January 2010 that 1,000 Eritrean refugees flee to Ethiopia each month. The overall numbers reached on that month 40,000 Eritrean refugees. The number increased in May to reach 42,000 Eritrean refugees.

It is also estimated that 100,000 Eritrean refugees from the Kunama ethnic group that lived on the disputed Ethiopian-Eritrean border fled to Ethiopia. The UN appealed for funds for Somali and Eritrean refugees in Ethiopia to provide 13 million dollars in April 2010.

After the resettlement operation, 4,000 Eritrean refugees found resettlements in the United States and Europe.

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