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Comments for Alarming Secret Deportation of 12 Eritreans!

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Dec 27, 2011
It's Lack of Unity
by: Anonymous

Without revolution of the united people of Eritrea nothing can be achieved. But now people are not thinking about their country, but about their economic problems. Hence most of the youth who cross the borders to neighboring countries are looking for jobs to solve the economical problems of their families at home.

Feb 27, 2010
Yes, Eritreans Should Not Go Back Home without their Will!
by: Wedi Abuslim

I appreciate the article and other content posted in this website. In addition, I urge the international community to stop the selective deportation of political refugees back to a place they claim to face torture.

We are also thankful to the owner of this website for creating a comprehensive freedom of speech network, good journalism and a media for us to express our view and for others to comment on it. God Bless Eritrea and its people scattered everywhere.

Feb 12, 2010
Where is the Revolution?
by: Osman

What happens to the great revolutions in Ethiopia and Eritrea? What happens to the cooperation between them until they achieved that historical moment of independence for Eritrea and freedom for Ethiopia and created optimistic horizon for inter-revolutionary action in the entire Horn of Africa?

Why the situations became worse in both countries? Why the people are fleeing and the numbers of those who flee increase every year? Why they filled the prisons by opponents? Why they changed every hope to crises?

Where is the revolution?

I hit my head on the wall, people. I hit it!

Feb 10, 2010
Sorry to Hear this Story!
by: Eritrean from Diaspora

The Horn of Africa is increasingly becoming host for endless dictators whose presence is usually secured by neighbouring dictator. A dictator agrees only with a dictator and cannot communicate to someone else away from his view.

Their power is at the expense of innocents since they sign their friendship by the blood, torture and sufferance of their opponents or those who flee from their political pressures or totalitarian leadership.

As usual, the fate of the refugees who flee from a dictator to seek protection and enter unfortunately to another land ruled by another dictator will be deportation back to their domestic dictator.

As the author already said, the deportation of Eritrean Refugees becomes serious now as it is becoming selective and screened deportation. The Eritreans in the Diaspora are very sorry to hear this news and are always in sympathy to their brethren in Libya suffering under the dirty agreement of Libya and Eritrea.

Feb 10, 2010
Green Light for Dictators!
by: enkidu debaba

In the Horn of Africa, the Eritrean and the Ethiopian governments are the worst dictators who continue benefiting from the crises they make and it seams as if they are licensed to violate human rights.

The international communities, Amnesty International, the UNHCR and other donors have limited their services deliberately. They may need to investigate the threats of serious human rights violation and the crises in the Horn of Africa more. Some responsible organizations kept silent until now.

Deportation, imprisonment, kidnapping of political refugees are proofs that the authorities practise them well in the Horn of Africa. They call political refugees illegal refugees and criminal refugees to facilitate their actions against them.

The dictators benefited and favoured while they setup their terror tools against those human beings who are forced to flee their lands for different political reasons to seek secure refuge elsewhere. When some international organizations keep silent, they will give them green light to continue their harassment to those innocent people.

Universal human rights declarations remain on the paper. The information about the crises in the Horn of Africa continue to flow although it seems sometimes blocked, except for the political crises in Darfur.

Providing humanitarian services shall not setup based on whom we like or hate. The humanitarian process should have equal approach to all human beings.

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