Refugees without Borders in the Horn of Africa!

by Enkidu Debaba
(Alfa / Sudan)

There is no place to call home for refugees in the Horn of Africa! The refugees there are without borders or roofs.

There are great numbers of refugees in the Horn of Africa, but the great numbers have no any political impact.

The people in the Horn of Africa continue to flee their homelands to the neighbouring countries because they feel insecure under military dictators and fear even to interact with each other because of the insecurity they live daily.

The dictatorial regimes in the Horn of Africa continue repressing the citizens for many years and maintain the dictatorial systems by spending lot of money on the security.

This pressure in fact minimizes the power of political opponents and paralyzes them, so their countries continue running wrong in the future too.

The refugees in the Horn of Africa find it impossible to utter a word criticizing their regimes inside their homelands and they look for justice and solutions to the problems they face in their countries.

The high number of refugees in the Horn of Africa has no political impact on dictators and it has never impressed them or imposed real threats to their systems.

It is necessary to look at the number of refugees and the rights of refugees together to decide on how to treat the human situations they live every day.

The humanitarian organization must work among refugees continuously
to achieve better humanitarian services.

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