Fight Poverty, Not the Poor!

by Enkidu Debaba
(Alfa/ Sudan)

Recently, the leader states of the economy in the world contribute and fund some projects in the African continent to resolve some economical and human crises and accelerate the development of some countries.

DAVOS could not highlight what will happen to the African people especially in the Horn of Africa where the poorest populations in the world live with their worst dictators.

Capitalism without capital is just amusing. It looks like a naked man walking on the street. The financial help that they may provide to the African countries is no longer help for the poor. It only strengthens the dictators. The ruling high classes will consume it.

The movement of the world economy must adhere to the real democracy and be able to fight the dictators. If not, it will be difficult to be optimistic about the future of the world economy. Strong economies in the world despite the new financial crises will continue to make more crises in Africa.

The implementation of this economical movement in horn of Africa, is a kind of fighting the poor not the poverty in the continent.

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