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Aug 25, 2009
All Eritreans are Angry Because of the Tragedy!
by: Erithegreat

First and foremost, I would like to appreciate the comments made by Selamawi in regards to the fate of our people abroad. You really got the right word to the European countries on the borders beyond the sea. They are responsible and they are obliged to rescue those misfortunate Eritrean political refugees.

They hardly save them and they left them die with hunger and thirsty. Here in Asmara, people are trying to express their anger; yeah they are angry at Europe as they purposely leave those innocents in the sea for weeks.

Anyway, I am glad and grateful that OHA-POLITICALSCENE.COM gives us the solid ground to share our comments all over the Horn of Africa. I and other people who are watching this website hope Selamawi will continue sending information writing more about the sufferance of our people. We are always looking forward to see more concerning political issues published in this site. We do not have any way to get information on how Eritreans are living in Libya as refugees and we will continuously look at your coming comments.


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Aug 22, 2009
Eritrean Asylum Seekers Hunted in Libya!
by: Selamawi

Due to the current instability in Eritrea; much of the Eritrean young population is fleeing the terrible ground and migrate to neighbouring and far countries of the west. Yet the number of migration is increasing and do not have any hope of decline. The Eritrean government did not try to solve it form it root, rather some form of trial by force are undergoing.

Regardless of these trials, much of the deserters managed to arrive to either Sudan or Ethiopia and make their way to Libya as Libya is the main stepping ground for migrants to Europe. Now the Mediterranean is locked due to the deal between Tripoli and Rome.

The Eritrean embassy residing in Tripoli do not interfere with the rights of Eritrean when they are harmed here in Tripoli, so every corner of the city they are hunted by security and civilians for the sake of money. UNHCR also did not have the formal status in this country. Therefore, nobody is responsible to be engaged in protecting theses immigrates, much of them are asylum seeker in need of protection, and even some are already refugees under UNHCR.

Selamawi, Tripoli

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