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Ethiopian - Eritrean Refugees are Disappointed!

by Enkidu Debaba
(Alfa / Sudan)

The 1951 UNHCR Geneva Convention about the rights of refugees is an international agreement that gains respect and support worldwide.

Unfortunately, the Horn of Africa's refugees have lost the attention of the international community, which turns the generations of refugees into (slavery life) rather than the status of (refuge life).

A lucky one maybe considered as refugee in Sudan. There are no chains for millions of Ethiopian refugees in Sudan. This situation makes a serious refugee crisis in eastern Sudan than what is happening with the refugees in Darfur.

The Darfur refugees are at the war filed, but the East Sudan's refugees are in business market. It is easy to kill or do anything against any one of them. There is no law that stands to protect these refugees.

After the 2010 drama of the parliamentary election in Ethiopia, the number of refugees that fled to Sudan is highly increased, but who is going to report it?

In the Horn of Africa, Ethiopian refugees and Eritrean refugees are suffering seriously and yet humanitarian organizations did not get a time to give them the complete needed attention!

Are there any ethics to ignore African refugees in spite of the law? If so, why the refugees in Darfur get attention?

The Ethiopian dictatorial regime continues on power after a false election result. The Ethiopian people challenge the existing tribal policy through which the ruling class identifies itself as ''golden tribe'' while looking at the others as ''dirty tribes''.

YES, the Ethiopians must flee out from such government and appeal to the international community for justice.

President Obama stands directly against the dictators anywhere in the world. However, the dictators in the Horn of Africa remain in power, in reverse, to count down the (remaining years) of presidential terms and come with new plans to keep on power.

Surprisingly, in some countries, some people try to keep long live for dictators for their personal benefits, but once this or that administration collapse, the illegal investors will badly be affected.

The victims, (ethos-erthrian) refugees are disappointed, and they appeal to the international community for real humanitarian service to prevent the spread of the human deterioration in the Horn of Africa.

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