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Join HOAs Poets' Framework!

HOAs Poets ... well, the HOA's Poets is the fundraising store to support poets from the Horn of Africa to publish their African poetry, unite in a single framework through one of the HOA's Comprehensive Projects and work together to build socialist communities in their states.

The HOA's Poets' store here provides you with the example we use on this network to support you to carry on your literary efforts to educate your people and prepare the methods needed to build the mentioned socialist communities in your state.

From there, you would probably connect with other socialist poets from the other states in the Horn of Africa to build the united socialist regional community in the area.

The main page through which you could join this frame work is at the HOA's Poets Project, which is also one of the HOA's Cultural Porject in the Horn Africa's Network.

In addition, the HOA's Poets Bookshop is also one of the fundraising tools to collect funds for the art, cultural and literary projects.

We have FOUR projects here until now and the number of those projects will increase when you become a member, contribute to the comprehensive projects and benefit from them.

To help me help you publish your poetry, connect with other socialist poets and work with them to make this dream come true, just contribute through the form on the main page and provide full information about yourself.

Read the page thoroughly, scroll through the HOA Poets' store and read the pages included to get the full picture.

HOAs Poets is one important grassroots small project for the Squadron of the Horn of Africa's Intellectuals.

The Squadrons are many and they cover all kind of knowledge of humankind. However, we start here very small and then progress gradually, as each project demands some fundraising methods.

That means the project we are talking about here is the opening project to the comprehensive project as it is the main project for the Squadron of Poets.

It supports poets and poetesses from the Horn of Africa to publish their poems and encourages them to share some activities with other intellectuals in the project to create peaceful and beautiful environment for people to live happy and share mutual and friendly life in the region.

The project begins small at this stage to fund some publishing endeavors and help HOAs Poets survive better in war torn areas in the Horn of Africa. It replies to their argent personal needs for existence in hard cultural, economical and political situations.

When we publish selected poetry, we help those poets run the project to survive and extend it to gather in the Squadron of Poets' Group and work together to achieve building peace and beautiful lives in the Horn of Africa.

The Squadron of Poets is the intellectual body that works as a trade union both to help them as HOAs Poets and to defend their rights.

It is as simple as that. However, the task is not simple. I started the HOAs Poets' Project some years ago publishing the Squadron of Poets as a network online.

Then I developed the idea to create this intellectual body with almost all the ideas that you can read about at the links provided above, so you could get the meat of it.

HOA's Poetess Jr. Spaghetti Tank

HOA's Poetess Jr. Spaghetti Tank

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HOA's Poets Wall Clock

HOA's Poetess V-Neck T-Shirt

HOA's Poetess V-Neck T-Shirt

Please support the HOAs Poets Project to help poets create beautiful world in the most vulnerable area to scissions, terrorism, wars and natural crises.

In addition to the HOAs Poets, here are other phases of the cultural  and political projects at Horn of Africa's Journalists, HOAs Journalists, HOAs Journalists Project, The United States of the Horn of Africa (USHA) and USHA Framework.

Some Cultural and Literary Pages in Arabic and English:

Arabic HOA Political Scene| Asmara| Directive| Etiolate Life| Her Lips Draw the Dream| HOAs Arabic Prose| HOAs Self-Publishing| Love Spice| Suakini Cat| Superstitions| The Frame| The Hangover| The Superlative| الكويت واحدة من أهم المحطات الصحفية في حياتي| شيكاغو والهنود السودانيون| علمني هذا الإنسان النبيل| علي هامش إحتفالات التغييب الذهني للمواطن السوداني في كل أنحاء السودان| البرواز| القط السواكني| للكذب ثلاثة ألوان| مسرحية العرائس السودانية المثيرة|

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