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Jul 09, 2010
Crimes Against Humanity Do Not Fall Because of Such Reasons!
by: Admin

As long as it is known in the law that the statute of limitations for crimes does not fall by time, it would also be better to say that the crimes committed by a criminal do not fall because the court has not heard or neglected to deal with other criminals who committed the same crimes.

People may understand this letter as a call to drop the case of the Sudanese dictator since the ICC has not treated the former American president and the former British prime minister. Well, then all those who committed crimes could escape justice only because of the reason that belongs to the Sudanese dictator. No one will ever understand this or accept it.

People may also consider any person who points to the need to drop these crimes committed by the Sudanese dictator because of that reason a biased person, or a person who calls to stop the justice.

That is why the letter addressed to the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC) intends to defend the Sudanese dictator, although the person who wrote it calls the court to consider other crimes committed by the two international powers.

The two international powers are responsible of two wars and the ICC has no excuse not to treat them both although one of them falls apart from the Rome Declaration. The procedures need here might be different from that applied on the Sudanese dictator.

Some people suspect that, the whole story has political interests in the area of the conflict in Sudan. Even this does not prevent the Sudanese dictator from being liable of the crimes committed there.

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