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HOAs Journalists Project Supports the Horn of Africa's Journalists!

HOAs Journalists Project has started from simple idea at the Horn of Africa's Journalists here and that one has started from another simple idea at the Squadron of Poets here.

Liked this page about the HOAs Journalists' Project? Buy a journalist a cup of tea, for the sake of the hard conditions, journalists live.

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In addition, the HOAs Journalists as a project comes with a specific goal to assist and empower journalists from the Horn of Africa and East Africa.

To do what?

  • to have other sources of possible income, through the ideas and content of the journalists' pages on the network.
  • to work thoroughly to improve their journalistic skills, through the HOA Political Scene Blog.
  • to carry on with their jobs and make it perfect by only reading journalistic content on the Horn Africas Network.
  • to learn from the network the perfect ways to write researches and fulfill assignments of any college of journalists.
  • to get together, know each other and discuss the best ways of their share towards enhancing the situations in their homelands.
  • to support each other on human bases, when there is any sort of violation to their rights and to the freedom of speech, imposed by any regime in the area.

More Fruits in the HOAs Journalists Project!

The project according to the benefits above is just simple as such as to have some good ideas to make better things in life and be active more.

With these dynamics, the HOAs Journalists Project is one of the gears in the HOAs Cultural Project, which is in turn part of the HOAs Comprehensive Projects. And here you know how well these projects are connected.

It works with the other projects parallel to the USHA Project and the USHA Framework. However, it has strong combination with it when some journalists take further actions by joining this framework, after confidentiality and transparency.

Since there are many Squadrons inside the comprehensive project as you can read at HOAs Poets Project, the aim is to get intellectuals from the Horn of Africa and East Africa together to share cultural activities in this network.

It could in fact establish solid mechanism to shift the dictatorial political systems to democracy in the big regional area.

The HOAs Journalists Project works this same way combined with the HOAs Poets' Project, the HOAs Refugees Project and some other projects in this network.

It starts by gathering journalists and freelancers from the Horn of Africa to join the Horn of Africa's Journalists the wire news, write essays criticizing the political development in the area and support each other.

Consider the HOA's Journalists Project for This!

The HOA's Journalists Project opens at the same time an area to enjoy more freedom of speech here since that is not available at home.

For example, dictatorial regimes such like those in the military religious regime ruling Sudan, use the security forces to threaten, ban and arrest journalists. Journalists and their families face hard living conditions for the sake of freedom of speech.

Since the same picture repeats itself in many countries in the Horn of Africa, so it is necessary to find some solutions to such misery in the region.

The HOAs Journalists Project is one of the solutions. Yes, the project is ambitious indeed, but here is the proof at the HOA's Journalists' Store to get some supports for those journalists.

If you were journalist or freelancer yourself, join the Horn of Africa's Journalists here.

When we connect and work together, we could achieve that dream I have mentioned at the HOAs Cultural Project. Let us complete the gears of the USHA Project. That is the promised mechanism for real democratic shift in the region.

Let me know your thoughts about the HOAs Journalists Project. Use the following form. You can use the form to bring your ideas here too. Write any idea that you think could support and develop the HOAs Journalists Project. Thanks.

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