Selamawi Reports from Libya!

Selamawi wrote some reports about the Eritrean political refugees in Libya. The reports he wrote until now are below. However, new reports may fall in other sitemaps in this network.

He wrote about the situations of the Eritrean people in Eritrea and Libya. He described the hard situations in the detention centres in Eritrea and Libya. His reports bring the attention to the human rights abuses at home and abroad.

Some human organizations like Amnesty International in addition to the United Nations High Commissioner of Refugees (UNHCR) have engaged to secure safety measures for Eritreans in Libya.

However, more pressures may be needed to safe the Eritrean political refugees abroad and to work with the Eritrean government to watch and improve the human rights records of the country.

This page highlights the reports Selamawi has written from Libya. If you were Selamawi, Forward HOA's Political Scene to your friends to follow you here.

Other reporters who wrote or commented on reports about the Eritrean refugees are on "Write about Eritrea" in the sitemap below.

You can read also some reports on a page by your name if you have submitted some reports to the HOA Political Scene network.

  • Eritrea and Libya, the Same Fate for Eritrean Refugees! In an era of civilization, the world is tending to some opposite extremes, where some governments are increasingly growing towards dictatorship while others increasingly tending to extremely free democratic governments. What is the trend of Eritrea and Libya? We Eritreans in Libya are the witness for both situations.

  • 15 Eritreans Are in Danger of Deportation from Libya! This never ever happened before and is unbelievable. They planned this process simply to trick the detainees, because telling the immigrants that they decide to deport them will alert the international community to interfere and stop the deportation.

  • Eritrean Refugees Situation is Late to Attract Attention! Our status as political refugees is invalid here and we are continuously picked up by security at every raid. All the pushed back once are in detention centres and our rights are haltered both by the Italian navy (Orion) and the Libyans.

  • Blind World around the European Frontiers! We have seen great tragedy these days where around 80 Eritrean asylum seekers who departed to claim asylum in Italy, perished in the sea. Many boats pass near them and ignored their crying out for help and left them to die except one boat that gave them food and water. This act only increased their sufferance on the sea, although it helped them stay alive for a while.

  • Asylum Seekers in Libya under Great Fear! I have been detained for long without seeing the court and continuously beaten by the officials to give them money. Every body is experiencing this in Libya. Now a days around 100 Eritreans were arrested when entering Tripoli, they are taken to Twesha Binkeshir prison, some to Surman and the women to Zawiyah prison.

  • Petition Letter to Stop Eritrean Deportation from Libya! Selamawi says, "Many of the detainees rejected to fill the forms and according to some of the detainees all are under serious treatments. Electric shock and metal ropes are employed to force them fill their forms."

  • Alarming Secret Deportation of 12 Eritreans! Now, the situation becomes more serious than before as selective deportation is more dangerous than mass deportation and the international community should condemn the development, as the action is clearly a violation to human rights.

  • They are Selling and Buying Human Beings in Libya!! Is it acceptable to see a country where these police officials actively engaged in an activity that seems legal theft? Now a daze a Libyan police official feels no shame to take money from an illegal immigrant including refugees handling the attestation of UNHCR.

  • The Untold Threats and Sufferance of Eritreans in Libya! The UNHCR gets access to interview the returnees. One-step foreword, but not enough and it needs some more attention to protect them from the Italian government and its plan to continue this illegal and immoral action against potential refugees.
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