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Mar 02, 2012
Continuation to Famine and Foreign Troops in Somalia!
by: Admin

This is a continuation to the article at Famine Plus Foreign Troops Against Somalia.

It is not difficult to see that the US experience in Somali has opened the way for all those political complications experienced by the country of Somalia nowadays.

All this proves that unless Somalia gets out of the tribal and religious cloche and separate them from the state, the dream of building a modern Somalia remains a dream or even an illusion.

The way to build a free, independent and democratic nation passes through some mechanisms of modern awareness that prove the leaders of such mechanisms understand the complicity of the political matters in this world, especially after the Cold War.

Through such modern awareness mechanisms, the loyal and social Somali people could gather to solve the problems of their nation and build it in the lights of modernity.

They should also seek gathering and assembling other Somalis in the short term, educate them well, explaining that the problems of Somalia continue because of political illiteracy.

It is only that when the Somali citizens enjoy a high level of awareness to understand the nature of their political problems and the nature of the political development in the world, that they will come to realize what they need to build a modern secular Somalia.

They should also spread their hands to other socialist people in the other states in the Horn of Africa to contribute to the development of modern secular and socialist states in this miserable regional area in eastern Africa.

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Somalia: The New Barbary?: Piracy and Islam in the Horn of Africa

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