Look Angry to the Crises in HOA!

by Khalid

No one will ever urge that the crises we see, hear or read about in the Horn of Africa are something triggered and shaped specially to this eastern part of the continent to prove that the colonization period was better.

I am not calling to renew the colonization period, though. All that I am saying is that the political situations are worse and when compared to the colonization period, we almost see nothing improved so far.

Is it planned this way to keep us dwelling in the same circle for as long as the earth exists?

There are so many aspects to the continuous crises. However, the leaders pretend smart enough that they do not see those crises!

And we know, although our national goals are not fulfilled yet since the independence of so many countries in the Horn of Africa (HOA), we know that the bright horizon is at our hands.

All that we need to do to bring this bright horizon is to stretch our hands and thoughts to other sophisticated people who look with anger to the past to work with them, in strong umbrella, new political mechanisms, to create strong united states in the Horn of Africa.

I hope the journey in this blog interests you, and motivates and inspires you too. That is the purpose of this blog. It's also focused to
keep you updated by all that matters in the Horn of Africa's Political Scene.

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