Political Comments by Emails!

These are some political comments by emails; I received from some readers of the HOA Political Scene Newsletter. I do not know those people personally and I have never met them before.

However, they are friends since they read and like the HOA Political Scene Newsletter. I wished that they posted their comments on the page, instead of sending them by emails.

First, thank you. However, to be practical, please do not send political comments by emails. Instead, always use the form on the relevant page to your political comments to post them there.

Kadrook Sudan:

I downloaded the file of the Sudanese revolutionary movement, read it, printed some copies and sent them to all my friends.

My eyes were on the security of the regime, as they deployed them in every place. They thought that they could silence the people this way.

I also forwarded the page to my friends abroad and I hope that they will have time to visit the page and do the same. Yes, as you said, let us move.

Salem / Sudan:

Thank you for your message and thanks to those young people and we hope that they will prove the policy of absenteeism failed on them.

As you mentioned here in a page I read long time ago, you do not have a sheikh. I also do not have a sheikh. Why should we have sheikhs?

We are sheikhs ourselves. Let them follow our (tariqa) or they will fall into hell.

Mahjoub / UK:

The HOA Political Scene Newsletter is very good newsletter. As I learned a lot, I am also amazed of your long passion.

You are unique. How did you manage giving ten years of your life to the Eritrean issue?

I understand your political points about the Horn of Africa and appreciate seeing there should be no differences between the people in this area.

Thanks for your efforts. I heard that you have published a book about the political development in the Horn of Africa. Will you please let me know how I could get a copy of that book? Thank you.

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