Alarming Secret Deportation of 12 Eritreans!

by Selamawi
(Tripoli, Libya)

In mid January 2010, there was a well organized plan of deporting Eritreans from Libyan detention centers back to Eritrea, where there was Eritrean Embassy at the back of the curtain.

The news released on time by the cooperative work of Eritreans in Tripoli and in the Diaspora with the help of all international humanitarian organizations, journalists and interested individuals.

This well organized fight against the hidden agenda brought some changes and the plan of deportation stopped for a while and the players prepared another plan on a secret time to continue the deportation.

According to Radio Erena, a radio station broadcasting Eritrean programs from Paris, France, 12 Eritreans are kidnapped from other 67 Eritrean detainees and they are sent back to Eritrea on February 2, 2010.

The names of three individuals are mentioned and the news says 5 of the returnees are women. The news further says, those 12 Eritreans had been working in different ministries before they fled Eritrea and two of them were members of the Eritrean Air Forces.

The kidnapping is really alarming as the Eritrean government is getting access to screen out most wanted political refugees regardless to their rights to get international protection.

Now, the situation becomes more serious than before as selective deportation is more dangerous than mass deportation and the international community should condemn the development, as the action is clearly a violation to human rights.

No body can doubt on their fate, as they will either be killed or tortured for life in underground cells.

The UNHCR, Amnesty International, Human
Rights Watch, Red Cross, Red Crescent and other respected humanitarian organization should pressurize Libya to stop the deportation of Eritreans to a place they are afraid of.

Libya is violating its mandate under the AU protocols and moral respect to human dignity.

Libya should provide protection to all political refugees who flee from their own country to get asylum abroad.

Finally, the Eritrean community in Tripoli condemns this action and urges the intentional community to do its mandate in stopping the deportation of Eritreans back with out their will.

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