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Comprehensive Solution for Darfur Crisis!

During the time that Darfur crisis escalated and the Sudanese regime continued to fuel the crisis in Darfur, the Sudanese Communist Party rejected the attempts of the Sudanese regime to solve the crisis with his allies in Qatar and called for a comprehensive solution to the crisis in Darfur, as well as justice and the postponement of the elections!

Every step taken by the military religious regime in Khartoum to solve the crisis in Darfur with the mediation of its allies in Qatar were wrong and therefore they fell in the wrong place, by bringing in some Arabs who really don't care about Sudan. They care only about the existence and persistence of this damn religious and terrorist regime of the bloody Omar al Bashir, because it fulfills their capital interests in Sudan.

Darfur Crisis: Internally Displaced Fur People in el Fshir Camp, Sudan.

The SCP's Views on Darfur Crisis!

The calls of the Sudanese Communist Party was first published on this page during the time the crisis started and escalated. But, we tend to make some updates on the page. So, what you read above is pretended for updates and the rest of the page continues as a documentary to the political attitudes and positions of the (SCP) during that time.

The Sudanese Communist Party (SCP) has consistently emphasized that the crisis in Darfur is a political, social and economical problems in the context of the Sudanese crisis and that the overall bilateral partial solutions, external solutions, and military solutions to the Darfur crisis failed, because they are not up to the level required for resolving the political crisis in Sudan.

The SCP based on the principle of a political solution to the national political crises in Sudan, stressed on the need for national political solution to the Darfur issue, with the participation of the people of Darfur and political movements in the region.

The party called for commitments to implement urgent demands for resettlement. Among these commitments, the party mentioned individual and collective compensation for those affected by the wars, positive responses to the demands of the people of Darfur to strengthen the unity of the territory.

In addition, commitments should involve the return of displaced persons to their villages and the disbanding of militias, disarm, and hold the perpetrators of war crimes and other crimes against all humanity. In this context, stressed the Sudanese Communist Party on the primacy of legal accountability for the social remedy in Darfur.

Darfur Crisis: Fur Women Looking for Water on the Surface While Their Entire Darfur Region Sits on A Hidden Sweat Water Lake.

The calls of the SCP came in a press statement of the Spokesman for the party, Yusuf Hussein published in the party's newspaper - Almidan - today. Yusuf said that the Doha Agreement and the N'Djamena would not lead to lasting and effective peace agreement.

He suggested the partial agreement will undermine other powers in Darfur, beside it is double and meta- and micro-transaction as an agreement that underscores the two sides.

He said the two sides aim for immediate gains, as the government wants to make electoral gains, rescue in the coming elections, and get out of trouble with the International Criminal Court (ICC), while the Justice and Equality Movement seeks amnesty and undo the execution of its jailed members.

In addition, the communist spokesman criticized trading political crises in Darfur and called for postponement of the elections to ensure the participation of all the people of Darfur.

Observers suggested that the military religious authority in Khartoum declared these elections, already battered by the establishment, quickly and without careful study and careful preparation, and all steps have been setup in order to mislead the public opinion and enable the ruling party to win.

Darfur Crisis: Darfur Rebels.

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South Kordofan, Sudan| South Sudan|

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 اذا احببت هذا الموقع يمكنك ارساله لكل من تعرفه

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