by ERi Ethio Refugees Committee

From Eritrean-Ethiopian Mixed Family Committee

Khartoum, Sudan
E-mail: eriethio_mix at

Contact Person for English, Mr. Tekia +249912236214
Arabic, Mr. Hasen +249925331365

First, we convey you our warm compliments and favourite wish hoping for your Excellencies ever-lasting success in your global humanitarian activities.

We hereby have the pleasure to appeal by our summarized message informing your Excellencies, that we are Eritrean and Ethiopian refugees who are residents in Khartoum, the capital of Sudan as (urban refugee).

We applied several times seeking legal and humanitarian protection, but unfortunately we couldn't find satisfactory responses and our efforts went to the vain again today.

We are applying informing you that we knocked the door of UNHCER protection section Khartoum office in continual process to get their attention, but we didn't find any practical replies and/or substantial help.

All of us are married refugees who passed the Eritrean legal screening program since 2002. At the meantime we inform you that our wives or husbands are whether from the Eritrean or from the Ethiopian origins.

Since 2002 up to date, no significant changes happened to our lives. We are just languishing an agony of refugees' plight, jobless, no access to medical welfare, educational facilities for our innocent children, incapable to pay house rent, no sufficient food since 2002 up to date.

We were working in casual jobs but at present time even casual jobs are unavailable for us as strange people
and refugees too.

Furthermore, we are facing unbearable difficulties and incidents especially the phenomena of social isolation from both communities of Eritrea and Ethiopia due the unsettled disputes and destructive wars stirred by the ruling regimes of both countries mentioned above.

The political situations in our countries of origin are getting worse and worse every passing day. As a result, we are frustrated, disappointed, and we live miserable lives here.

In our conclusion, the futurity of innocent children is going towards the darkness and unknown fate, hence no any hope for us to return willing to Eritrea or Ethiopia as hybrid families or in other words of mixed blood from both communities.

It is not an exaggeration we are really detached, excommunicated and denied our fundamental rights from both communities of Ethiopia and Eritrea. As a result, we became stateless refugees inside Sudan putting our visions and dreams forward looking for countries abiding to law and treat their citizens with dignity and humanity.

Below are list our representative committee who are responsible for contact and any information on behalf of us and the individual name list of all applicants.

Name list of committee

Full Name
Tel. No

Nebyat Kidane Eyasu

Haile Mahari Kefela

Hassan Alhaj Saleh

Khayreya Abdalgair

Frezghi Gebremedhin Fidel

Eritrean Ethiopian

Eri-Ethio-Mixed-Families in Sudan-Khartoum

eriethio_mix at

eriethio_mix at

P.O.Box. 3758

Tel. +249912465853

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