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May 07, 2010
Yes, the Political Situation is Difficult for Eritreans at Home!
by: Admin

Well, I approved this post to prove that we need to hear other political views. However, I expected more highlights on the points you have mentioned here.

Thanks for commenting and I agree on the complication in the political circumstances. Yes, the situation is complicated and difficult, but there is always a cause for such situation to exist.

What is the cause?

What makes the Eritrean nationals even those who were EPLF's liberation fighters flee the country?

What is better to address the Eritrean political problems at home?

Is it better to address these political problems by freeing political spaces for national dialogues and power sharing or by enforcing a totalitarian system?

How to solve the complicity of the political situation?

Let us agree on that our hearts are on Eritrea. We know the threats and the challenges. However, those seemingly disturbing objects should not hinder implementing some enhancements to the political system.

Please try to comment next time using your real name. Use at least your first name. I would love to see more comments here on this entry, so I will stop at the moment writing more about this entry.

To start objectively, reply to the questions above and let us open the discussion into some good political solutions to the political problems in Eritrea.

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