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Jan 29, 2010
Jurisprudence of Necessity!
by: Admin

The Jurisprudence of Necessity Have Always Been the Jurisprudence of Empowerment!

In its 2179 edition issued on Thursday, January 28, 2010 the newspaper Almidan, speaking in the name of the Sudanese Communist Party, criticized the pledge of the candidates of the National Congress Party to continue their policies in the same bad way they did while ruling the country in the past twenty years.

The newspaper described the candidates of the coup government that seized power in June 1989, as cheaters as always have proved to be while misleading the people.

In addition, they are linked according to their bad policies in the minds of the people in Sudan by lies after lies and the crimes they committed in the country.

I wished if the newspaper said, the crimes they had committed in Sudan without having to be hold accountable.

However, I will continue to criticize this orientation of what they call National Islamic Front or the National Congress Party now and what will be "another name" in the future according to the policy of burning the political periods the Muslim Brothers practice in Sudan since 1946.

Lies continues to lay the road for the Islamic Front party to continue on the road to the power using what they call "the jurisprudence of necessity" and that is all that emerges from their Islamic beliefs.

After twenty years, lies are still the preferred method for them to continue misleading ordinary Muslim people, who afraid even of discussing religious topics because they have taught that is "haram" forbidden in their beliefs.

Even ALLAH has never said that. However, this new methodology created by those who believed to be Muslims exposes Islam to so many critiques while the religion is only "innocent" spiritual medium between a person and his God.

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Dec 24, 2009
Sudanese Jurisdiction System is in Real Trial!
by: Osman

What national courts you meant, Ali? Did you mean those national courts, which filled by members of the NIF?

We do not have national courts in Sudan under this regime. When they overthrew the weak third democracy, they expelled all the national cadres in jurisdiction, education, medicine and other sectors and filled them by their cadres.

Even if they refilled those courts by members of the rightist parties, then we will not get fair trials. Our jurisdiction system is still in real trial, Ali.

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