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Mar 15, 2010
The People Will Not Forget!
by: Admin

The commentator wanted to say exactly the opposite. I hope readers will understand it. However, the way the commentator has used to express his feelings is a way for some people to express their pain because of such acts that happened to the Sudanese people since the coup that brought those cruel people to build the military religious regime.

While reading and editing this comment I have the feeling that the commentator wanted to add in his message to those cruel gangs, you are now about to continue in power through forged elections. How clever you are? You know the people of Sudan are peaceful people, so you don't mind oppressing them from decade to decade.

However, the cruel acts will not happen again, because the people have discovered your Islamic propaganda and become more open to see you as devil in their land.

The recent demonstrations against those gangs in the government will continue and the people will lead the coming changes and bring those who committed the crimes against humanity to justice.

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