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Petition Letter to Stop Eritrean Deportation from Libya

by Selamawi

Petition Letter to stop Eritrean deportation from Libya

Attention: Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, UNHCR and other human right organizations.

As being in concern about the preparation of deportation of Eritreans from Libya, these days Eritrean detainees in majority of Libyan centres are informed officially to fill forms to repatriate them back to their country.

It is handled in large magnitude compared to the former tricks and the detainees are under full threat of deportation to a place they claim to face torture, suffer and lack freedom.

Most of the time, the security cuts their channel of information to avoid their alarming cry-out to be heard and keep them shut-mouth until the plan is successfully done.

As it is known, Libya has history of deportation in the summers of 2004 and 2006 and there was a trial of deportation in July 2008. The later trial was intervened with the cooperated work of many human right groups and the Eritreans were saved from the inhuman trick.

The Libyan authorities forced the Eritrean detainees in Surman, Zawiya, Misrata and Garubuli to fill the forms of deportation. By using these forms, the authorities seek at the same time specific information to know the routs of escape from Eritrea and so maintain securities on those points.

Many of the detainees rejected to fill the forms and according to some of the detainees all are under serious treatments. Electric shock and metal ropes are employed to force them fill their forms.

They are told to submit their telephone cells and almost all cells are already collected. However, we managed to contact them only through those few cells they hide in .... and other remote areas. What will happen after deportation is known and this threat is very serious.

With these facts on the ground mentioned above, the Eritrean community in Tripoli is sending this urgent message for possible intervention to prevent implementing the dangerous plan of the Libyan government.

We strongly urge Libya to obey its obligations to human rights, as it is part to under its AU mandate and moral aspect. We will send this message in copies to many humanitarian organizations and individuals and we expect it to bring urgent solution to those who are crying loudly in the Libyan detention centres.

For anybody in the international human fields who wants to make sure of the information by calling the detainees, their telephone numbers are available with us and we will provide to interested groups/individuals.


On behalf of the Eritrean political detainees in Libya.

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