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Jul 10, 2010
His Eyes Do Not Look Sudanese!
by: Admin

I think only Sudanese that know their president, because they live everyday harassment. Yes, except of course those Muslim Brothers that brought the recent regime through their coup in 1989 and they seem now that they are two different parties.

To play the division policy well, they even banned the press of the other party and put the leader in detention many times, although the leader was the head of the plotted coup in 1989 and the godfather of the Muslim Brothers. They are still (donkeynizing) the Sudanese people.

Outsiders did not live this harassment and the pain the Sudanese people live, not in Darfur only -- absolutely not in Darfur only but Sudanese from Arabic cultural backgrounds and other Muslims have always been harassed, tortured, raped and executed even in Ramadan the holy month of the Muslims. Between those people are military officers that had been staffs of the dictator and even more brilliant than he had.

Therefore, the dictatorial regime has not targeted non-Arabs only, but all the Sudanese people from different backgrounds. This is very clear if any minded person read the recent events in Sudan that followed the coup or went there to ask the Sudanese.

The political problem in Sudan has never been a matter of Arabs and non-Arabs! However, the recent military religious dictatorial regime has nurtured it.

The Magistrate and Former German MEP, Jorgen Todenhofer does not have Sudanese eyes and he unfortunately has not lived the experience of the Sudanese people or he might have shot the sheriff by now.

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