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From Sudan: Hunger Calls in a Deserted Valley!

by Enkidu Debaba
(Sudan , Alfa)

Well, this is A Hunger Call with a Hope that Will Not Waste in a Deserted Valley!

I appreciate it if the World Food Program (WFP) supports Ethiopian and Eritrean refugees by taking more efforts when the urgent needs touch the roof of real hunger. I observed that UNHCR and other humanitarian organizations limited their services in east Sudan.

The number of Ethiopian refugees remains secret to attract both dictators. It is true that the numbers of Ethiopian refugees are tripled, compared to the numbers of Eritrean refugees.

Every organization is now silent instead of working to maintain the legal rights of political refugees in Sudan. Creating hunger is one kind of the political pressures against the existence of political refugees in this country.

The limited services of any organization or the practices of pressure against refugees do not stop them from being refugees and do not change the fact that they are refugees.

However, all of these practices increase the human sufferance. Beside WFP's human services, it is necessary to call the international community, and the NGOs to work and support those Ethiopian and Eritrean refugees who are in much need of a real human care.

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