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The EPLF Was the Greatest!

The EPLF was the leading front to the liberation of Eritrea from Ethiopia in 1991. This is the abbreviation of the Eritrean People's Liberation Front. It was also called (Shaebia شعبية) since 1975. The front took this name until some circumstances occurred about 2 years after the liberation of Eritrea and required to change that name.

After the independence, the liberation front changed its name to the People's Front for Democracy and Justice (PFDJ) الجبهة الشعبية للديمقراطية والعدالة in Arabic, or ህዝባዊ ግንባር ንደሞክራስን ፍትሕን in Tigrinya.

Shaebia (شعبية), which is both Arabic and Eritrean word for popularity abbreviates all the customs known of preaching and celebrating the people and working only for their benefits, sacrificing even oneself to make those people free, active in the national struggle for independence, democracy and justice and just be great people with their own self-esteem and national dignity.

We need to write books about this Eritrean front but not a simple Webpage like this. However, a simple page could be books by time publishing the facts, the political development of the liberation of Eritrea and the political development in the independent country.

The EPLF's political scene was not only amazing at that time, but through the lessons learned from it, which paved the way to predict which front will lead the national struggle, how, when and where the struggle is going.

All of that was not limited by the imagination, but by the factual movement of the EPLF and the sincerity it takes towards the national struggle to achieve its goals.

It made it very clear that the front pays great attention to every individual fighter to build his, or her self-esteem and abilities in many fields and maintain the honesty and loyalty to the Eritrean cause.

So, the EPLF taught and trained the fighters during the liberation verbally in the revolution schools and other vocational schools and sent some of them to other schools abroad and covered much of their expenses.

The main fund came from its main projects whether they were land's projects, or investment projects and from the economical activities of good Eritrean nationals abroad and the mass activities of the fighters in the liberated lands.

Meanwhile, the other liberation fronts have proved in common to be only fractions of interested leaders in the political scene to use the Eritrean cause and trade it for their own economical interests.

They were dependent on the funds and the media availability in the Middle East (Syria and other Mediterranean Arabic states) and especially some states in the Arabian Peninsula and the Gulf area to build their "conditioned" interests.

The EPLF (Shaebia شعبية) knew all of that since that time well educated leaders have chosen to form it from the Eritrean Liberation Front. But, all of that doesn't distracted the EPLF from continuing its holly mission to liberate Eritrea. As a well-focused front, EPLF knew where the future is and which steps she would take to bring that future to the scene.

The customary Arabic reader would read this Arabic word that summarizes the front's name as (شعبيا) as the last letter vocally changes during normal Arabic pronunciation to the word, while the Eritrean read it by stressing on the last letter (شعبية).

The way they stress the meaning is the way they stress on their own exceptional struggle and way of living. It is the EPLF's philosophy, which is adored by many inspirational folks.

However, I wonder why we don't just as the (T) to the English interpretation to the Arabic word, so it becomes (Shaebiat)!

It took the EPLF long time since the beginning of the seventies to achieve the independence. Reasons of such long struggle are different and we need to explain and study them to enlighten the new generations by some of the great values of this national struggle.

Many pages on the political section of the Horn Africas Network provide some information about the EPLF. However, there is still information needed. So, until I continue and complete publishing this information, you are welcome to write what you know about the EPLF through the form on this page. Thank you.

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