Dynamic Political Opinions!

Dynamic Political Opinions: of veteran activist, journalist, poet and visionary Khalid Mohammed Osman to change the classical political parties' systems to the masses'.

Dynamic Political Opinions: of veteran activist, journalist, poet and visionary Khalid Mohammed Osman to change the classical political parties' systems to the masses'.

The Dynamic Political Opinions have started on Dynamic Ideas and this is important sheet of it with some highlights to the main idea.

We have interesting topic here at Dynamic Political Opinions, so please be patient. You'll learn a lot from it and you will help improve literary and cultural linguistic connection, regarding your language. You certainly like it and you don't want to see mistakes on it. Another point is that you will learn about how to protect your environment. A third point is that you will team up with worldwide same orientation to change the classic sphere of politics that affect our lives daily.

"30 Years Ago There was No Web, or Martyr's Tree on It" is a fact article about personal achievement and (personal motivation). That personal achievement was in the Eritrean capital (Asmara), which is extraordinary fabulous in public engagement in the level of a nation and terrific goals and outcomes, which reflect both on national issues and international issues, such as climate sustainment. All of the people's movement to implement the idea was done by me, I am activist and journalist (Khalid Mohammed Osman) and it was really a (personal success) to me and to the beloved Eritrean nationals.

I must be clear while registering things for history here on Dynamic Political Opinions. That's because many people do not pay attention to sincere efforts like the efforts I have done‫.‬ Nor they even acknowledge important roles I have played in a history of a nation, since the time of its struggle to gain freedom and independence. Strangely, there is one opponent person who pointed out this role in his book. That is also because some people like those envious people have personal antagonizing issues with me, because of my political stands, but they are cowards to face me with such bad things and they do it either online or in their gossip meetings, although they claim that they are Muslims, shame on them. Some of them might just hate me, because they are good to hate other successful people. But, they are cowards, as no one has approached me with this on my face and they keep doing it on places like the internet and on their gossip meetings.

Some other people also tend to steal Dynamic Political Opinions such as my ideas the martyr's tree and then find scam social media, like FaceBook, or other net services to present the stolen ideas as theirs. So someone out must stop this. Actually, superficial behaviors rule the social media. I know that some people out there has never heard about intellectual property rights. But, many people do and they continue to steal intellectual property, though. Such people don't have consciousness. They simply ignore that someone might catch them and they might be subjected to judicial proceedings.

Because the (environment) and of course the (environment protection) are matters of importance for me, as they are dynamics for me to experiment with moving the people in such activities, so we have got this specific article translated into some languages you will bow down, at the end section of the page. I know 5 languages and some information about other languages. If you knew more than one language and found something wrong in the translation, please advice by pointing at the paragraphs with wrong translation. You can do that through the (comments) link and get useful (gift of love) from the second page, when you submit the form. Write the correct translation. Thanks.

Illumination of Dynamic Political Opinions

So, every linguistic version of (قبل ٣٠ عاماً لم تكن هناك إنترنت ولا شجر\ شهيد عليها), which is translated from the original English version at 30 Years ago There was No Web, or Martyr's Tree on It, has its own goal with Dynamic Political Opinions and a clear message to the nice people in that area of the world. I believe in the masses and their abilities to come together to achieve the goals of Dynamic Political Opinions set forward through every message on those linguistic versions of 30 Years ago we had no Internet, or Martyr's Tree on it.

This is a wonderful (environment) project I have achieved in (Asmara) to educate people (environment protection). Read the two versions and if you have found errors, please write the correct interpretation via the (comments) link which you will find at the bottom of the page. You will get useful (gifts of love) when you do this and write the right texts. If you want to write about your (Intellectual Ignition), use the form on the entry page at (Martyr's Tree).

I am up to something progressive internationally. The goal is to enlighten the people with a new sort of illumination through many dynamics, including the Dynamic Political Opinions to get together in a different way. This is a method and it is very easy to start the method individually in every area and then collect it at the international level. The international gathering should make a huge difference in today's politics and bring in solutions to all of our problems. We should eliminate our differences at the international level and come together to face dangers caused by bad political guidances and practices worldwide. Vive les masses. Vive to well being the well knowledgable human beings of the world. Veteran activist, journalist and poet Khalid Mohammed Osman.

The question of the martyr's tree, or the idea of the martyr's tree, through which I carried out a great work by the masses for the benefit of the environment, was not only an idea that brought the occasion in Eritrea while I was creating it to commemorate the martyrs and add a mass balance in activities in their name that remain useful and fruitful, but the idea of the tree was an old idea I had in the seventieth, and I kept it as a generic idea for creation and literary writing from a philosophical and creative standpoint, and from there I wrote the poem of the existential saga "The Second Birth of the Tree" in the seventies, which was published by the Iraqi magazine "Al-Taliya Al-Adabiya" in the same period of the seventies and the magazine attached it to good criticism and illuminations highlighting the idea of the tree and how it works in the poetry, as a symbol of existence and a symbol of life itself.

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* You are at Dynamic Political Opinions.

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Sudanese Journalist, poet, write and human and political activist Khalid Mohammed Osman

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