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Muslim Brothers Sudan!

The Muslim Brothers Sudan's branch was established in 41-1942 following the inspirations and guidelines of the Egyptian Muslim Brothers party. Every evil wind has blown on Sudan with its sin from this northern gate.

It's a religious organization of the Muslim Brothers of the Middle East and North Africa in Sudan. The Muslim brotherhood has formed the Islamic branch of the party and changed its name, since that date four times in every decade for their favor. They did that and is still doing it because they have a policy I call the policy of burning the political stages.

They want to accomplish the destructive policy of misleading Islamization in Sudan. They don't care of Islam as they have proved to be conspirators, hypocrites, killers, mercenaries, paedophiles, predators, rapers, thieves, traitors and torturers.

All of these crimes make them the most dangerous criminals in the world, especially when we see how they use the chameleon method to change the color of their skin and accompany this by changing the name of the party in each decade.

To achieve this conspiring scheme, they use what I call the tactics of the Muslim Brothers' octopus arms. Through these arms they accomplish burning the political stages. They have accomplished this through long decades, since the independence of Sudan from Britain in 1956.

As they did this concerning the interior Sudan, they also used the same methods with concrete mechanisms to create the cells of international terrorism during what they called the pilgrimage conferences with Bin Laden's group in Saudi Arabia.

The elapsing policy of the octopus arms in every decade keeps the main organs of the party intact and safe and enables this devil of political organization to escape being accountable for any bad actions, or crimes their security agents commit during any of the decades in which their polices passed through.

Burning the Political Stages to Remain in Power!

The Muslim Brotherhood's policy of burning the political stages in order to continue in power in Sudan:

This political article about burning the political stages and affecting the political situation in Sudan is not new, but the conditions still refer to this policy which the political article talks about and it is an article that was published in many blogs at the time.

The Muslim Brotherhood in Sudan played and is still playing the role of the fox in leading the political stages in Khartoum from a clerical military dictatorship to a sectarian dictatorship.

And they are playing in this field, depending on the policy of burning the political stages for the Muslim Brotherhood to continue in power in Sudan!

Please see democracy in Sudan, political problems in Sudan, political tragicomedy in Sudansovereignty in Sudan, Sudanese dictatorial regimes, Sudanese political parties, Sudanese political scene, Sudanese sectarian parties and the set of pages on this category in the section of related articles to read more details.

Preliminary Reading of the New Elections in Sudan!

As a preliminary reading of the new elections in Sudan, I say, the Muslim Brotherhood in Sudan has now fully verified that the political parties and other political movements have slipped into the trap of elections they have prepared for them, and they are confident of winning, for the factors we will mention in this frame of mind.

Expanding the Muslim Brotherhood Base!

I say the elections trap because they prepared for that in a way that guarantees them victory. They harnessed all the financial means from the public treasury to their campaigns, buying electoral votes and expanding their mass base, even from neighboring countries, or African countries in the west of the continent.

They had prepared to expand their mass base from these countries for a long time, and even before they started the peace dialogues with the SPLM. They have achieved that through what's called the African Islamic Center in Khartoum, which is a nest of international terrorism.

The Islamic African Center and similar institutions have played a fundamental role in expanding the base of the Muslim Brotherhood. It was a suspicious center and it has turned into a suspicious university.

How the Muslim Brothers of Sudan Exploited Sectarian Parties?

That center provided them with a lot of underdeveloped elements from the western Black Continent, most of whom are now Sudanese by nationalities issued for them and thus anchored in the Muslim Brotherhood's base.

The Muslim Brotherhood knew that traditional sectarian parties are an important source for expanding their base, and for this reason they have also for a long time been buying leadership cadres from the ranks of the Umma and the Federal or Unionist Democratic Party, including them into the Muslim Brotherhood, and expanding their party base.

There are many examples here regarding whoever was a member of the Umma party or from the unionist party who has joined the Muslim Brotherhood. Big political houses played a prominent role in this transformation between rightist parties of one nature, starting from the marriage of convenience for political interest between the president of the Muslim Brotherhood and the sister of the head of the Umma Party.

But what is really surprising is that the Muslim Brotherhood was also able to buy cadres from a leftist progressive party like the Communist Party. This is a strange paradox that the mind can hardly absorb.

The mind does not accommodate the purchase of a communist cadre because such a cadre is not qualified to join a Muslim Brotherhood party by virtue of its integrated Marxist understanding of economic theory and the process of staging transformation and secularism and other root issues and therefore according to its strong Marxist position.

However, the Muslim Brotherhood, and since the time they have contributed to strengthening the second military dictatorial regime of Jafar al-Numerie, they had succeeded in attracting communists who participated in that system or lost hope that their Communist Party would give them room to achieve their great ambitions.

The Economic Control of the Muslim Brothers of Sudan!

The Muslim Brotherhood was also able to build a wide network of the random economy movement, by which they struck the Sudanese state's economy, established some usurious banks, and supported the party's economy, and finally controlled the state's economy with their coup in 1989.

This means that the Muslim Brotherhood was able to use the economic factor to strengthen their influence and focused on it because they recognized the seriousness of the Communist Party and used this economic factor to strike at the Communist Party and destabilize even right-wing parties.

Not only that, but the economic factor after investing oil is still a strong foundation for extending their influence and facilitating the implementation of their entire political programs, and they use it even in these elections to continue in power or return to it legally this time.

They exerted pressure through this economic factor to thwart the International Court's project to hand over the president of the coup authority to the International Court of Justice (ICC), and they even influenced some countries, such as China, to take a stand on their side in this international issue.

Arranging for the Continuation of Power on a Legal Basis!

The issue of arranging for the continuation of power on a legal basis did not coincide with the issue of elections, as some think, but rather began much earlier.

The Muslim Brotherhood knew the direction of the political compass, so they are following international pressures calling for stopping the war in South Sudan and sitting in peace negotiations. The Muslim Brotherhood was the one to hit the Sudanese opposition movement, especially in the Eritrean capital Asmara.

The Sudanese opposition in Cairo was not a concern of the Muslim Brotherhood, as the Sudanese opposition did not carry weapons there in Egypt. In addition to that, any movement carried out by the opposition in Egypt was exposed to the Muslim Brotherhood in the Sudanese coup authority.

However, once the Sudanese opposition entered Asmara and started its cross-border military operations, the coup government facilitated the escape of the head of the Umma Party from Sudan to Asmara to work further to break the opposition.

And the terrorist regime then started playing on a number of fields, the most important of which was weakening the Sudanese opposition from the inside by leaking elements of the Muslim Brotherhood to it, revealing its movements and bartering the process of stopping its operations by stopping the assistance it offers to the Eritrean opposition and at the top of them the Eritrean Jihadists.

These efforts have accompanied the steps to reach an agreement with the Sudanese People's Liberation Movement, which they believed would lead to a complete weakening of the Sudanese opposition, and consequently to the compulsion of the other parties in the Sudanese opposition to reach an agreement with the coup government of the Muslim Brotherhood.

And since the Muslim Brotherhood had arranged the Sudanese House from the inside to accept the return of the opposition and receive that as an important achievement for the Muslim Brotherhood party, they played on the same emotional chord to gain more support as peacemakers.

They obtained a good number of Sudanese who will see that image fostering them as peacekeepers that they planned to print in the Sudanese mindset in order to guarantee victory in the elections they are planning.

In addition to all this, the Muslim Brotherhood still knew that the rule of the other parties three times since the independence of Sudan has led to many frustrations and despair of the Sudanese people from the continued failure of these parties.

And they have taken this as a goal by which they work to expand their base to ensure that they win the upcoming elections and return or continue in power legally this time.

The Position of Other Parties!

All other parties must see this picture and know that the Muslim Brotherhood will win the elections. However, it was brought down in the hands of these parties, and they cannot do anything in this sad and tragic circumstance.

Some of these parties may consider participating with the Muslim Brotherhood and thus become like someone who is awaiting party crumbs from a party like the Muslim Brotherhood.

Looking at the whole of this picture, it is clear that the ideology, tactics, and all these methods practiced by the Muslim Brotherhood are diabolical methods stemming from the intelligence that the pragmatic mentality of the Muslim Brotherhood enjoys.

However, the observer of these events must be surprised by the changes and the way in which the Sudanese political parties deal with the plot that the Muslim Brotherhood succeeded in planning to ensure their continued power.

And all this reveals that the road to the modern Sudanese revolution is a difficult path that the other political powers in Sudan do not have the long breath to continue, as they are busy finding solutions that guarantee them the minimum level of interests in light of the Muslim Brotherhood continuing in power.

I said that the article is somewhat old, as developments may refer to other issues, especially after the partial success of the popular uprisings movement in Tunisia and Egypt, and we are continuing ...

Continuation and persistence make our lives worthy, as good reading makes perfection. So, give me a credit for this. Share the link of the page with your social as: You have many small buttons on the page to do the sharing of this URL.

The related pages section below offers you in depth understanding to this devil party called Muslim Brothers of Sudan.

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