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Why Does the Sudanese Revolution Continue to Fail, Since October 21, 1964?

Why does the Sudanese revolution continue to fail since October 21, 1964?

There are so many reasons, any donkey in the world could understand from the failure of the Sudanese protests through history until now. The very wise people all over the world like you, know, except for many Sudanese.

On this day 58 years ago the Sudanese people revolted against the first military dictatorship in the country, that had followed the independence. It was known through the history of this miserable land as the greatest revolution in all of Africa. It was not. The Sudanese are just good to claim such things. They are good for nothing and they still do not know what a revolution is and what a protest is. Am I wrong?

The first revolution referred to here has ended with backing two sectarian parties to exchange power since then, in decedent decayed erupted by breaks of military dictatorship, which has happened three times in the history of that country, which was called Sudan, because of the misconducts of the sectarian parties in power.

Despite this long hard experience, the Sudanese people have not learned yet how to execute the perfect revolution and how to supply it by constructional tools to build a secular modern state. They didn't get that the perfect revolution is a secular revolution not a demonstration on the streets, but a mechanism of real change of the system, with the tools I referred to.

They in fact afraid of the term "secular" as they get it as a communist term and that is because of the Islamic culture of most of the Sudanese in the north, east and west of the country. This was why the majority of them have allied themselves to the three sectarian political parties.

A long-side with these sectarian parties was the Muslim Brothers’ party, which has changed its name three times and during the last change it broke into two parties, one of them in the power and the other one in the opposition, in a tricky way to convince Sudanese there is an opposition.

In October 21, 1964 the revolution failed because there was not enough political awareness regarding the interests of the sectarian parties and many have a notion that the Sudanese Communist party was an atheist party. This was just a kind of rumours the sectarian parties spread throughout the country.

I was eleven years old at the time. I was used to hearing my uncle, who during the fifties would return home where he lived in the house of his dad (my grandfather) who was a sergeant guarding the Finance in Khartoum, to take off the uniforms of the official police servant, put on his Sudanese robes and go out to lead the working class demonstrations against the British with a microphone on his hand and him on the top of a vehicle, guiding the protestors. This was what my grandmother had used to tell me.

He would chant slogans to be chanted behind him by the people. What he told me was different. It was the opposite of my father's speech, who at that time belonged to one of the sectarian parties and led its election campaigns through the years, leaving his boutique that was designed from glass cabinets similar to Pierre Cardin's to me until he fed up and disbelieved in his sectarian party afterwards.

If my uncle was alive, he would regret what he did, when he saw what has come out of Sudan, nowadays, with failing young generations and that was exactly what the Muslim Brothers Party and the sectarian parties were aware of. What a painful lost?

So, why does the Sudanese revolution continue to fail since October 21, 1964 is not a superficial question, or a question that is contrary or devoid of facts. The situations of Sudan now answers this question, and even confirms the credibility and transparency of this question. This question might have been in your head too. So, if you were still wondering, get the many answers through these political insights.

The question also indicates, or points specifically at the failure of the last protests made by the Sudanese people to uproot the regime of the military dictator Omar al-Bashir, arrest all of the leaders and bring them into trials, so that no military leader will think again of taking power through a coup d'état.

The first time after October 21, 1964, when sectarian Islamist parties exploited the people's demonstrations and came to power, they deceived the people with false "haram wealth" trials of members of the dictatorial military regime, because they somehow belonged to sectarian parties or their families belonged to these parties.

To refresh your memory, you have read about the failure of the last protests on Psychology of fear will turn into uprising in Sudan, Control the uprising, ثُلّة المتهافتين علي السلطة ليسوا ثوارا وهم يبتلعون الثورة, ما يُسمي قوي الحرية والتغيير باعت الثورة ودم الشهداء معاً للعسكر القتلة بجنجويدهم من أجل السلطة, محاولة اغتيال الثورة السودانية بالاتفاق السياسي لإنشاء هياكل ومؤسسات الحكم, long ago, during the time when I was an active leader of the essential Sudanese group that assembled the first groups of the Sudanese Intifada and ignited the Sudanese Protests and I wrote all of the memoranda to human rights organizations, translated them into many languages and forwarded them to the groups to submit to human rights organizations.

You know also at that specific time I prepared the 3 mechanisms of the secular progressive revolution and wrote the constitution of the revolution and the constitution of the new secular state of Sudan and I stressed on these scientific requirements, saying that the Sudanese Revolution will fail and there will never be any Sudan any more, if the groups of the revolution neglected all of that. I was not a prophet to predict this, I was and I am still a person who has  clear vision to see the future from reading the events right.

Isn't that what has happened?

The last attempts also aimed to get rid of the Muslim Brotherhood organization that has been ruling Sudan with iron and fire since 1989, under the pretext of applying Sharia laws. Those laws are Islamic laws, which were specifically designed that time to get rid of the political opponents of the fascist regime of Omar al-Bashir, which was claimed to be an Islamic regime.

The Sudanese people have been failing in their protests since Sudan's independence from Britain in 1956. They failed in their demonstrations against the regime of General Ibrahim Abboud referred to in the title on October 21, 1964.

They failed again in their uprising attempt against the regime of the tyrant Lieutenant General Jaafar al-Nimeiri, who was taken by the leader of the Muslim Brotherhood Hassan al-Turabi to apply Islamic law in 1983, to get rid of his political enemies, including Sadiq al-Mahdi, who is a brother in law of al-Turabi, by marriage, as al-Turabi is married to his sister.

Sudan Has Been Ruled Only By Sects!

These two families in addition to a third one al-Turbai has made for himself have been dominating Sudan after the independence. The family of al-Sadiq al-Mahadi is the Ansar family, which is also the Ansar sect and they led the Ummah Party, which had won elections and assumed power many times, during which the army took his party out of power.

It was absurd that the first time the army overthrew his government through a coup led by an army general from the Ansar sect and the last military coup that overthrew his government for the second time which was the coup of Omar al-Bashir was moved by al-Sadiq's brother in law, al-Turabi. Are the Sudanese people a joke?

The name al-Mahadi is in fact not a real name, but a nickname given in a notion to Mohammed Ahmed, the Sadiq's second grandfather. Mohammed Ahmed was called al-Mahadi by a nickname that refers to being conceptual Islamic notion that a person by this name will appear in the last time of history to enlighten the way of humanity to the truth, or by other words make them believing in Allah, or hold fast on their beliefs and save the humanity from sins.

That Islamic notion had started somewhere in Morocco. However, there is another interpretation to the savour as the Messiah who will come again to get the prophet Mohammed's people back to their Islam and save them from the Messiah dajal in Arabic Islamic terms and the antichrist in the Christian term. Was the coming Messiah different from the Messiah who taught his people that there would be a prophet coming after me called Ahmed, which was and is still known to Muslims as one of the names of the prophet Mohammed?

If I was wrong, or missed something, please correct this information through the comments form at the end of the page. Thanks.

The second family that ruled Sudan was the family of al-Mirghani, which was and is still the Khatimyah family, which is another Islamic family and is called the Khatimyah sect, led during the time of the last military regime by Mohammed Osman al-Mirghani who inherited it from his father Ali Al-Mirghani. They led the Unionist Democratic Party.

Religion with Sectarianism is the Factor of Failure!

So, the main problem of what was called Sudan once is Islamic and this is what continues to be the real factor, or the basics of the failure of the attempts of the Sudanese people to get complete rid of those tyrants who ruled Sudan after the independence and they are ruling it until now presented by the remnants of Omar al-Bashir's regime in power, along with their Janjaweed gangs.

In this Islamic area, the Sudanese believe in the Islamic saying that muslims should not go and disobey an Islamic leader and as those regimes announce that they are Islamic, so some Sudanese understand that it is sinful to disobey them, or to just stand on their faces.

Some of them and specifically those who believe in the spiritual leader of the sect, worship and sanctify him like small God, kiss his hands and bow in front of him and never dare to look him in the eyes. Gosh!

Some of them are those who fed up of the democratic governments led by sects, because the so called democratic sectarian governments were not democratic. In fact, they proved through their irrational governing that democracy is not for the masses in Sudan, except maybe for the democracy given to the sects. Those were ordinary people and they moved with the other people in the last protests and their leaders tried to guide them.

Some of them were young people without any experiences and all their concerns were just to prove that they afraid no more, they took freedom in a different way, as to go and get drugs, show masculinity and improve personality as leaders of things they didn't know a damn shit about them.

Some of them were opportunists all their ambitions were to take a chance on the people, deceive them by revolutionary expressions and even promise to take them seriously by appointing some of them in the coming cabinet, or in leading jobs.

The other reasons of the failure of the Sudanese Uprising and that went unorganized scientifically because of the criteria of the political illiteracy and the unexperienced young activists on all their protests, so they have not been able to get rid of the influence of the numerous parties of the Muslim Brothers, that have been generated out of the National Islamic Front (NIF) along with their Janjaweed and the Sudanese Sectarian Parties.

The main reasons of the continuing failure are explained also through the following sections:

The Conspiracy of the Muslim Brothers is the main reason

Sudanese failed despite all of the hard efforts through long years

The matter of the right apprehension to the specifics of a secular progressive revolution

Sudanese failed because they don't know how to shift methods of protests, despite the educational efforts given to them

Sudanese failed because they don't know how the advantages of a secular progressive revolution turn into privileges

Take Every Thing about Why Does the Sudanese Revolution Continue to Fail Since October 21, 1964 Seriously

Did you have any idea? ...

An amazing article, with new ideas about setting up a real revolution is forming and warming up 😏 Until then, and if you knew why the revolution continues to fail, write the answer in the following form. If you don't agree with what you read, use the same form to sound off.

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