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Darfur Rebels Sentenced to Death in Sudan!

A Sudanese court sentenced to death on Tuesday, 12 members of Darfur rebels, the Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) for participating in an attack on Khartoum last year, in which more than 200 people were killed.

The sentences bring the number of those sentenced to death by hanging from the (JEM) to 103 members.

Judge Mudathir said (JEM) fighters had been convicted of terrorism, murder, and destruction of public property as part of an unprecedented attack against the city of Omdurman in May 2008.

The judge said during a brief hearing acquittal has given to thirteen other people because they are suffering from particular psychological situations.

Darfur rebels chanted at the time of sentencing to death "God is greatest, revolution until victory," according to news agency AFP, and "Welcome ICC" according to Reuters.

The Sudanese judiciary (which was a target to the Sudanese military religious regime to dissolve and change radically by replacing its cadres in place of democrats, after the coup of 1989) has established special courts in Khartoum, Khartoum North and Omdurman to try dozens of suspects arrested after the attack.

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Reuters broadcasted that Darfur Rebels drove across hundreds of miles of desert and scrubland and got within a few kilometres of Sudan's presidential palace before the troops of the Sudanese dictatorial regime drove the rebels and defeated them after fierce fighting. Sudan says more than 200 people, many of them civilians, were killed.

Amnesty International condemned "the continuation of the Sudanese authorities to carry on the death penalty after unfair judicial mechanisms."

And it should be noted that since 2003 the conflict in Darfur between government troops, backed by semi-Arab militias and rebel groups has killed about 300,000 people and displaced hundreds of thousands of people in accordance with what the United Nations recognised.

However, the dictatorial authorities in Khartoum have different figure that sums the numbers up to ten thousand only.

Senior JEM official Al-Tahir al-Feki denounced the ruling, saying it would hamper already troubled on-off peace talks with Khartoum in the Gulf Arab state of Qatar where the two have yet to agree on a ceasefire.

"This shows the government is not serious about solving the problem of Darfur," he said. "While our team is negotiating in Doha, the Sudanese government continues to sentence our members to death, illegally, because they should be treated as prisoners of war."

Is it a tragicomedy to have Sudanese judiciary sentenced to death 12 people from the Justice and Equality Movement?

It seems to be! However, revolutionist factions should take care next time "to strike deep inside the forces not amongst civilians", special revolutionist source said to HOA's Political Scene.

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Who's Judging Whom? Is It a Tragicomedy?

Such trial is a joke. But, it is a painful joke. Why?

OK... When it is about Darfur rebels and trials, the question would be who judges whom. Another question would follow: Is it a new kind of tragicomedy to see dictators who came to political power through a coup in Sudan appoint judges to treat the rebels they have created in Darfur and sentence them to death?

Once the decision was made after the International Criminal Court (ICC) indictment and decision to bring those responsible of the crimes inside Darfur to trials, so that indicates that the devil regime is mocking the international court and wanting to destroy evidences by destroying elements the regime uses to burn Darfur, whether now in this false trial, or in the future.

More than that, the rebels in Darfur crisis were in fact started during the so called democratic governments of the Sudanese sectarian parties, when they distributed weapons too their allies in the area.

Fueled by tribal conflicts in Chad, the rebels started operations and the national governments used them for political gains in the area. Please see Tchad and تراجيديا المحاكاة والشبه بين تشاد والسودان.

All that has happened when those false democratic governments fell, was that the Islamic party called the National Islamic Front (NIF) has used them, when some the cadres changed allies and joined the NIF.

This party has been dissolved after the 1989 coup and changed to the National Congress Party and divided into the People's or the Popular Conference Party in a kind of an octopod tactics. See Muslim Brothers, Sudan and سياسة حرق المراحل السياسية في السودان بقلم .الصحفي السوداني خالد عثمان

In addition, the NIF has created during the early sixties a fundamental and terrorist group in the are called "Sony". After that when the NIF achieved the coup of 1989, they made changes in the body of the rebels in Darfur and created the Janjaweed. Other rebels groups have been created too.

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