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Use HOAs Poets Bookshop to Publish and Sell Your Poetry Book!

You can use the HOAs Poets Bookshop to publish your poetry on the network and then let's make the collection for you to publish your poetry book. Use the form on the HOA's poets bookshop.

I simply built the HOA's Poets Bookshop to sell my poetry books and some other genres of books. As you see, you can get any of my books from the HOA's Poets Bookshop.

But, I thought later, why not making it an opportunity for you to publish some of poetry here and to involve me to work with you to publish your book.

So, the intention of the HOAs Poets Bookshop now is not to sell my books only, but to help you too publish your poems, short stories, novels or any kind of prose and distribute them.

This means, if you were unable to collect your poetry to make a book, work on the layout and the cover design, I'll help you do this, through one of two services I provide for intellectuals like you here.

Please, read carefully to understand the differences between those two specified services on the HOA's Poets Bookshop.

How Publishing through the HOAs Poets Bookshop Goes?

It goes easy through two methods. The first is to publish some of your poetry here as samples and the second is to prepare your poetry book and publish it through an international publishing house.

Preparing Your Poetry Book

I provide book editing services including layout and designs and making the digital copy of your book to get it ready for publication through the HOAs Poets Bookshop.

You get your book ready to publish it your own, or to authorize me to publish it for you and get you full access to use the publishers' services.

To request this service use the form at Contact Us and include the title and the genre of your book, the number of pages and the language of the book.

You could simply decide to get your book ready for publication and get it to where you want to publish it, or work with me to publish it.

Publishing Your Poetry Book

Here, I do it for you and get your poetry book published, as assistant publisher. Intellectual experts actually charge good sums of money for doing this hard job.

However, I have the pleasure to do it for you gratis. Now, here are the most important notes to consider, before submitting your poetry.

The HOAs Poets Bookshop Publishing Terms

By submitting your poetry to the HOA's Poets Bookshop you agree that I have the rights to publish your collection of poetry in poetry books and to publish samples of them on my websites with links for readers to buy your book.

I acknowledge that you have the sole rights to your poetry as a poet and I will include your own ISBN on your book. If you don't have an ISBN, I have the rights to assign an ISBN to your book, while working with you at the publishing company site. This doesn't mean I own your poetry.

Your book will be published and available, in addition to HOAs Poets Bookshop, on some third party's stores and on my other websites for people to buy it.

To facilitate my work as assistant publisher, you agree to create or let me help you to create an account with a third party to publish and distribute your books.

In this regard, you agree to facilitate login to your account at the third party to help you with this process. You will see all the efforts I make on your account.

You understand that, unless you make efforts to establish promotions through different methods, none of your books will be sold. I have an obligations to help you achieve this goal by providing you with some good guidelines.

You understand that you will not make money from your book on the HOAs Poets Bookshop or on the third party, if nothing sold. Any purchase made would be available at your account.

For local distribution made by you in your location, you are responsible of contacting the concerned authorities to have their permission.

Publishing Guidelines and other Notes

Use the form below to submit your poetry to HOAs Poets Bookshop.

You can easily copy it from your document and paste it on the form.

When I send you the link to your poetry on HOAs Poets Bookshop or other pages, promote that link by any available method (i.e. emails, social media, forums, cards, word of mouth, etc...)

To get an ISBN, search for ISBN authority in your location to get one. You can of course skip this process and let me assign one for your book, as assistant publisher.

You can buy some of your books by the retail prices and sell them whenever you want. The retail prices are set for bulk purchases and are very cheaper, so you could make profits on this.

Note that this is not such a kind of traditional publishing you see in your locations when you pay a printing house to print your book.

You pay for this and you get the quantity of books you want when using this method. But, you pay nothing when you use HOAs Poets Bookshop. So, you will not get any book, unless you buy it by the retail price.

With that said in the last line, your book will be available for people to buy from the assigned stores or through the HOA's Poets Bookshop. All purchases made at the HOAs Poets Bookshop will be reported at your account at the third party's bookstore.

There's no way for hidden purchases. All purchases will be tracked in details in reports at your account on the third party network.

This publishing method is not only for poetry books on HOAs Poets Bookshop. You can use it to publish any other genre of books. See the Horn of Africa's Bookshop to get more ideas.

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Share the HOAs Poets Bookshop with your social media and other services. Use the small buttons on the page. Here is the form on HOA's Poets Bookshop to use for the second mentioned service above. Use it to submit some of your poetry.


Are You Intellectual, Journalist, Poet, Artists or Writer?

Tell us about yourself as intellectual! This works as a CV too. Add your CV to it at the bottom of the big box.

Use this form whether you are intellectual, writer, essayist, playwright, researcher, poet, novelist, screenwriter, songwriter, journalist, freelancer, sculptor, painter, caricaturist, decorator, musician, dancer, caricaturist, acrobat's player, scenarist, actor, performer or critic.

Please click on the question marks to read more instructions. This will help you fill the form properly.

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