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The Sudanese Sectarian Parties Developed Political Illiteracy in Sudan!

Sudanese Sectarian Parties have Prepared Sudan for the Military Religious Dictators and They Sit Now with them on the Same Table. Sudanese People are Lost Under Such Umbrella.

Whenever I read or heard about the political expression of the form of the Sudanese government, which is summarised in the term of the National Unity Government, the more I became amazed at the way the political mentality works in Sudan.

The political mentality in Sudan tends to compromise with the reality of the stolen third legitimate government in Sudan and continue to sit on the table with the religious thieves who have stolen the third political legitimacy in 1989. There is no contradiction in this statement.

For me and despite my surprise the matter boils down to the fact that the military religious leaders of the coup have succeeded in turning the political stage the country passes to stage that makes all the cows alike to us.

They stripped the Sudanese citizens of the moments of political consciousness required to distinguish and the good and absorb what is happening in the country.

Sudanese Sectarian Parties have Prepared Sudan for the Military Religious Dictators

Sudanese Sectarian Parties have Planned to Keep Sudanese in the Political Margin to the Right.

Sudanese Sectarian Parties Tie Sudanese to Sectarian and Religious Beliefs to Rule Them.

Sudanese Sectarian Parties Are Extension to those Military Religious Dictators.

Sudanese Sectarian Parties are Afraid of Sudan Being Modern State.

Modernization is the Problem of Sudan Led by Sudanese Sectarian Parties.

Sudanese Sectarian Parties Developed Political Illiteracy in Sudan.

Parties that the junta seized power from them are essentially a prolonged political project of these military religious dictators and are therefore not differ from them.

They are not differing from them in anything other than they have been playing on the Sudanese mentality throughout the periods since Sudan's independence in 1956. In addition, so far, under the pretext of sectarianism and religion they did not declare Islamic legitimacy so blatantly launched by the junta.

The right wings parties played the essential role to make the political awareness absent in Sudan proceeding from the basis of sectarian and religious beliefs they have.

They played on the illiteracy base enforced even through the educational curricula and assisted by the distortion that has occurred in the educational policy, which planned by the coup regime, led by the second military dictator, Nimeiri in Sudan in the early seventies under the leadership of the Minister of Education Mohiuddin Saber.

These parties worked through decades since the independence to consolidate the reality of making the Sudanese citizens ignorant to link them with the religious sectarian loyalties to be obedient to some sheikhs.

Making people ignorant facilitates the sovereignty and control of the right wings parties to the way of life and therefore the Sudanese people are subject to brute Ecclesiastical authority and deprivation of the simplest rules to make self-decisions about things in their personal lives outside the sectarian and religious devotions.

On this basis, large proportion of even new generations in Sudan remain tied by family duties in hard economical situations produced by these parties during their presence in power to engage them in these family duties.

They use the sectarian and religious loyalties to make the Sudanese people pay attention only to survival and improving the economical situations of the family in every way possible including of course alienation to get the money in the oil producing lands in the Gulf.

Sectarian religious policies and military religious policies produced the war crises in southern and western Sudan and forced considerable numbers of Sudanese to flee their country.

Under such planned circumstances, Sudan was stripped of most of these generations to actively participate in political affairs, and understand what is happening in the country correctly.

That was the goal of all those grey political powers. They have worked to maintain a presence and consolidation across the different eras witnessed by the country and they have succeeded until now.

What will happen tomorrow? I predict a grassroots' revolution to take over to clean off the country. That is the only solution for modern and bright Sudan.

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