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The HOA Political News Highlights the Political Development in the Horn of Africa!

Most of the HOA Political News are sometimes alarming to the standard that may upset you. So, don’t read the political news of the Horn of Africa. Instead, read the news political analyses to know the effects and the backgrounds of the events. Then comment on the development of the news. Pour your anger in political analysis, or political commentaries. That's a remedy! HOA Political News: The sectarian parties in Sudan feed the Islamic parties because all of them are politically right current, or right HOA Political News: The sectarian parties in Sudan feed the Islamic parties because all of them are politically right current, or right wings.

Many people from all over the world start the day by reading. listening, or watching the news on their satellite TV channels. If you are a sensitive person, don’t start your day by reading, or watching live TV news.

Well, in addition to this tip, this page is about how the news broadcasting, or gathering is done. The international political media has correspondents, freelancers and reporters in the news areas, or from the area to follow the political news.

During the broadcasting, the news agencies connect with resources of politicians, experts in the affairs of the area and even citizens to provide their views on the news and thus highlight the broadcasted news and provide wide coverages to the flow of the news.

In newspapers, the political editors also use resources of experts in the area to highlight the news further on interior page. The main news story would be on the first page, with a continuation in a page number for readers to follow on the interior page.

Are all the HOA Political News Accurate?

Yes, they are. But, here is the trick in the news coverage. Each media has its policies, interests and may be plans for the area from which they get the news. So, some media may fabricate elements in the news to reflect their policies in the area. They follow their interests.

It is so easy to discover fabricated political news. While the news about a crisis, such as Darfur crisis is correct, the media may broadcast different forged elements in the news relevant to their policies in the area by using the wrong resources.

Such resources would be untrustworthy in this case, because they have the same policies their media has. So, such media uses them to reflect their policies and the policies of the media on the area. In this regard the political tragicomedy in Sudan, which is certainly correct is used wrong to serve different policies.

This makes confusion. The real tragicomedy splashes. That means, while such media is concerned to fulfill its policies in the area, it offers the political tragicomedy makers a lease of life and strengthens their backs. The media hunts in a dumb water.

HOA’s Political News!

The HOA’s political news highlights the political development in the Horn of Africa. However, it is not only the political news that counts. It is the political analyzing, that aims to highlight the news, explain some political events and address some political problems in the Horn of Africa’s geopolitical concerns.

The provided analyses should be concrete, as to say and explore what, when, where, which, who and how. All of this exploration comes with a concrete political point of view that comes true through good followup to the historical development of the events.

Any political event recently happens has backgrounds. The backgrounds are in the history of the development of the event. The political articles tips in the political news explain the necessity of backgrounds to highlight the events, or the news by another word.

The backgrounds, however should be available to concerned people who care about the secular and social affairs of the states in the Horn of Africa. This is because most of the political problems that make the news have tribal (ethnic) and religious (Islamic) backgrounds.

HOA Political News Expose the Religious Misery!

The inheritance of such backgrounds makes continuous disasters in the area. The cause of such backgrounds is the combination of ethnicity and religion in the life of the Horn of Africa’s citizens.

The composition happens (or planned), even in countries that have not majority of Arabs and Islam such as Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda in the area and in DRC, just at the southwestern back of Sudan and Tanzania at southeastern edge of the Horn of Africa.

In my humble opinion, even Chad, Djibouti, Somalia, Somaliland and Sudan haven’t this majority, when we get to the backgrounds of ethnicity. Despite that, the Somali composition of clans and religion makes severe political problems.

In Eritrea, there is not such composition despite that the military religious regime in Sudan tried for many decades to export terrorism to Eritrea and it has already educated, trained and funded the Jihadists of Eritrea. The same Sudanese dictatorial regime plans the same scheme for Ethiopia.

In Sudan, such project has been developed by the help of the Sudanese sectarian parties when they were in power three times, as they served through their interesting Sudanese politics to grow the Muslim Brothers octopus in Sudan.

Sectarianism feeds the fundamentalism of the so called Islamic parties. There are close ties between those parties because they all belong to the right current of politics. So, the shifting policies and manoeuvres between them, which make the current of the political news keep the right wing in control.

For more resources on HOA Political News see the following pages:

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The HOA Political News at the Horn of Africa’s Blog!

The news with the analyses are summarized at the HOA Political Scene Blog, where the updates of the website appear. Each of the linked pages is either of a news type, or news analytic.

The main pages are in English. However, there are numerous of news and analytics on many Arabic pages for Arabic readers at the Arabic HOA Political Scene Blog. Some of those pages are written by loyal visitors to the HOA Political Scene Network and they feel obliged to write political views on the topics of their interests.

So, read or comment on the political wire regarding the political events in the Horn of Africa. Through some political comments the readers analyze the political development in this geopolitical area.

However, it is not only the HOA Political News that counts. It is the political analysing, that aims to highlight the news, explain some political events and address some political problems in the Horn of Africa's geopolitical concerns.

Therefore, it is so important to get involved in analysing the news. Bring your political views even if they were contradictory to the political analyses you read here. We could meet in some points when we discuss these political views with other concerned visitors.

According to my personal political involvement and interests in the Horn of Africa's political scene, I know some great backgrounds not only about the news industry, but also about the recent political development in many countries in the area.

As journalist, I did all of my works in this regard in Arabic language in the past thirty years, during which I worked in many countries in the area and outside the area and sometimes in close relations with some political elites or in positions inside some decision making circles.

You have the proofs in the current news. You have also the proofs in the history. The history is here too.

You can watch the current HOA Political News on

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