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HOAs Self-publishing!

The HOAs self-publishing started with the publishing article here. You may need to read that page to continue the article on the second section of the page, just below the following preamble.

I added some more useful information to the main article in the second section on the following preamble to help you get this topic fulfilled. For more insights to self publish book see this link and the HOA's Data Analyzing.

Some talented and experienced people as well write continuously on the topics of their interests both in fiction and non-fiction. They follow their passion and their creative nature. They don't pay great attention to the publishing points on this article.

However, that is very necessary to sell more books, whether you have taken the HOAs self-publishing process or the other publishing process to cover their expenses and have good returns on the time and efforts invested to produce their books.

If for example, they don't know what great numbers of readers want to read, they will definitely lose those numbers of readers. There are some searches done in this direction.

The linked page about What Readers Like to Read helps you participate in one of these searches. Please give your time to answer, what topics you like to read.

Yes, of corse, it is good to follow your passion to write good in your topic. But, if that topic is not interested, who's going to buy your book.

Writers could have many benefits when they know What Readers Like to Read, by doing good researches on the most topics people want to read. Then, they should study the demand and the supply of that topic to know more information.

The first kind of information they must know is what topic is most interesting. The second information is whether that topic has been covered thoroughly or not. The third is how many sources supply that topic. The fourth is how many numbers of readers demand that topic.

After that they could get the idea concerning the popularity of the topic and the profitability of the topic. The profitability of the topic is counted out of the difference in numbers between the demand and the supply.

The complete process to understand the HOAs self-publishing scientifically, whether you want to publish your manuals, reports, websites or even video products or audio products goes through the mechanical brainstormer founded by CTPM and Make Your Knowledge Sell.

Primarily, these sources give you great lessons, that have even not been taught in any university, to know the publishing process well.

However, through the HOAs self-publishing process on this network, we publish your books as highlighted at the HOAs Cultural Project and the HOAs Poets Bookshop.

These projects are specifically for writers from the Horn of Africa. You need to submit full information about yourself and your book via the form on this page, so I could get in touch with you to help you get published through the HOAs self-publishing process.

Continuation to the Main Article about Self-Publishing at the First Link Above:

Knowing How to Package Your Information can Earn You A Fortune!

After you have written your material, you will have to decide on how you will package the information to make it salable. Depending on your market, some packaging will sell better than others will.

For example, you can print your information in a series of publications, print it in a book, manual, report or newsletter, or put it on cassette tapes, or presents it at seminars. You can focus on one area, or utilize many areas.

One thing is certain; people are paying billions of dollars to obtain well-packaged information! There are books that sell for up to $100 and more, with manuals coming in a close second.

There are reports that consist of 10-12 pages selling for up to $10 or more, while some seminars can cost as much a $15,000 for a single weekend.

It may sound incredible to the average person, but people are willing to pay top dollar for information. However, the "packaging" must be perceived as being worth the price you are asking.

But before you decide on how to package your information, you must first consider who your primary audience is, and cater to those people in everything you do.

Focus on Subject Material that is Salable!

Information for your subject matter can be found in various places. For the very best results, start with your own field or expertise and turn it into a book, manual, report or newsletter.

Focus on providing your targeted market with simple, understandable, and helpful information. It must overwhelmingly appeal to your customer's wants and desires.

Never forget that this is the age of specialized information. People are completely willing to spend their money for tens of thousands of different forms of information, provided it is useful to them. Your job is to either find a need and fill it, or create the need and supply it.

One of the best ways to get started is to sit down with some paper and write down every subject you have some degree of knowledge about.

Your list of subjects does not have to be in any particular order. Do not force it. When ideas for headings come no longer easy, stop and start up again later.

When you feel comfortable about that, you have covered most of the areas you know, start picking out the topics that interest you the most. Then you can start researching more material for your writing projects.

Fill Your Material with Self-Interest Benefits!

Many new writers fail to understand that if they expect any hope for business survival, let alone success, they must come to realize early on that a big part of their job is to arouse the emotions and desires of their customers. Your product, whether it is a book, manual, report or newsletter, must be portrayed as being packed with self-interest benefits.

Millions of dollars in failed business ventures are wasted every year simply because entrepreneurs fail to understand that what they have to say is not necessarily, what customers want to hear. You should never forget this valuable lesson. It can make you rich!

HOAs Self-publishing has also more two useful resources below:

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Get Published: A first-time writer's guide to publishing

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