Psychology of Fear Will Turn into Uprising in Sudan!

by Omer

I read about the psychology of fear the first time in the HOA Political Scene Newsletter. I am sure the psychology of fear will turn into sudden uprising in Sudan.

I understand how the military dictatorial regime of Sudan planned the psychology of fear for sure. They made many of the Sudanese people afraid and some numbers under their umbrella do not want political changes.

The ruling party sees the future from one angle and it is sure that the leaders of the political parties even the young are fed up because they emptied the uprising channels when they banned the legitimate trade unions in the country and the opposition groups scattered in the neighbouring countries for more than 20 years.

The strategists in the ruling party are sure of the big gab they have dug deep in the Sudanese society and they know that they have destroyed the organizational network of the opposition and they know that many of the new generations have grown under their propagandas and political scheme.

Moreover, they know that it will take long time for the Sudanese opposition to amend that gab and start gaining the lost grounds.

However, they have forgotten that the Sudanese people could rise anytime to surprise them and restore -- well, not the lost democracy, but the strong national will to create
new real democracy in the country.

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