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Freelancing Fees for African Freelancers!

What the Freelancing Fees are about?

Want to write original articles and get some pocket money?

Read thoroughly and use the form of hiring freelancers to write original articles for the HOA Network.

Write to us articles on the following topics: African arts, African cinema, African cultures, African displaced persons, African economy, African environment, African literary works, African movies, African places, African Political Media, African Political refugees, African social issues, African traditions, International Political Media.

The Freelancing Fees Get Into Your Pocket Like This!

Freelancing Fees, Terms and Conditions!

Freelancing Opportunity!

The fees for freelancers apply here on the items mentioned above, which one of them includes news items, original political analyses and press releases. News is very important although we give the priority to political analyses and press releases.

The form of the freelancers below is only for this purpose, so please do not abuse it, or you will be banned by the system of the form.

We may close this opportunity, possibly soon, when we reach the top qualified freelancers quantity required for the Horn Africa's Network.

The Freelancing Fees Terms and Conditions!


You should:

  • be following up political development in your local area or in the region.
  • be fluent in Arabic, English, French, Italian, or Spanish.
  • be active and love to get involved in developing a sense of awareness.
  • have good time to submit at least two news stories weekly, one political analysis, or a press release.
  • you should submit only original items (not published, or will be published anywhere else).
  • your news story should be in at least 500 words.
  • do not be biased in what you write and favor any political party, or religious group.

Your Obligations!

  • Understand that we have the sole rights to determine, accept or refuse your submission.
  • You have obligations to certify that the article submitted is not copy righted article and it is yours.
  • You comply with ethical publishing issues that your article is original and you will not publish it elsewhere.
  • You agree that we pay you money rewards for your submissions as stated in the Freelancing Fees.
  • You agree that you represent yourself but not the HOA Political Scene's network.
  • You understand and agree that we may publish your article in other products.
  • You agree that you have read, and understood the terms and conditions by submitting your work.

Our Obligations!

  • We reward you for your efforts in money, according to the rates in the Freelancing Fees.
  • We keep your name attached to your article if you already wanted your name to be published.
  • We may help raise your case in International human rights organizations if you encountered dangers because of your articles.
  • We may help you get involved with many internet businesses to make your life better.

Freelancing Fees!

We pay on sum of news: 10 news items in at least 500 words $2.25

We pay on sum of political analyses and press releases: 10 items in at least 1500 words, $5.00 for each.

Additional Notes:

Submit all news and analyzing items supported by pictures.

The freelancing fees apply when you reach the average noted above, unless otherwise you wanted to hold payment to reach a good amount. Use the following Freelancing Fees form and please provide all the required information. Your email is important for many reasons.

Some of the important reasons is that we could contact you to discuss financial issues, regarding the Freelancing Fees, and you can get also notifications about comments on your articles, whenever a reader did enter a comment. You might get some new friends from this process.

Type your news, political analyses and press releases on the relevant boxes to each item. We noticed that many users entered only the words "political news" instead of typing the news for evaluation. What is required here is to help us know if you are a professional reporter or not.

Even if you were not, we can help you be a top qualified freelancer. This would be a service for those who are seeking to be self-employed freelancers, so they can reach many companies hiring freelancers worldwide.

You do the same thing for any other type of articles mentioned above.

Freelancers Wanted!

Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.

Please enter the word that you see below.


Make Sure of This!

Use the form of the Freelancing Fees above to apply and fill the required fields of the form. Your contact information is so important to reach you and discuss such matters, when we review your submission.

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