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The Somali Archives!

The Somali Archives include pages about the political and the social development in Somalia linking to the main Somali pages and the secondary pages whether those pages about Somalia are in Arabic, or in English.

The Somali political archives may change every time you link to this page. However, the pages of the Somali main political topics and the Somali secondary pages along with the Somali commentaries would always be linked to here.

In the Somali Political Archives: The newly elected National Unity Government in Somalia has announced several plans to integrate former insurgents into the security forces.

The step came primarily to secure Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia, and ensure safety amongst the troublesome population. The plans involve reorganizing, retraining the forces and continue to expand the security program to involve all areas in the country.

News agencies quoted Omar Hashi, the Minister of Security as saying, "We want to make sure the population go about their activities without fear of being attacked or robbed," The minister stated that the new government has "inherited the TFG, (meaning the Transitional Federal Government)'s forces and we are combining them with our own forces."

Observers say regarding the mistrust between the former TFG forces and the former insurgents, that the government had to find a way to integrate the two forces well to prevent any disturbances in the future, suggesting that effective integration should seek popular support.

The new government determines many ways to ensure trust from the population. The guns have been silent now and the displaced are returning home.

However, it is still unpredictable in Somalia that the country will solve its deep-rooted tribal and economical problems. The way is too long unless the devastated country gets out of the (tribal Jubbah).

To achieve complete political success in Somalia, the government should begin steps to stop khat consuming, gain trust, fulfill peace priorities and open the way to form a well-integrated national assembly.

In addition, one of the most urgent priorities is to construct modern educational system in the country.

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Somali Archives: Somalia's Troublemakers are Expelled!

In the Somali Archives: Kenya has closed its borders with Somalia to halt defeated the Islamic Courts Union (ICU)'s militias driven from Kismayo in the south of country.

Ethiopian aircraft and artillery are backing Somali interim government to restore order by destroying the so called Islamic militias.

Helicopters and hundreds of army men and police have deployed in the border town of Luboi, while hundreds of Somali refugees are stranded at the border in bad conditions.

The so called the Islamic Courts Union (ICU) says their retreat from advancing Ethiopian and Somali forces is tactical and warns of an insurgency.

Meanwhile, Somali interim President Abdullahi Yusuf met Kenyan leader Mwai Kibaki in Mombasa to discuss the security issue. Kenya issued an official statement after the meeting quoted Kibaki as he urged all parties in Somalia to embrace dialogue.

News says Ethiopian helicopters pursuing the Islamic Courts Union (ICU)'s militias attempting to escape into Kenya bombed a Kenyan border post by mistake, but no casualties or damages are registered at Har Har the border post.

Somali Prime Minister Ali Mohamed Ghedi says that heavily-armed Ethiopian soldiers would be needed for months to help government restore peace and order.

Reports say Kenyan police have detained a man holding a Canadian passport who is suspected of having ties with the Islamic Courts Union (ICU).

The suspect has been held while he and other seven persons carrying Eritrean passports were caught trying to cross into Kenya last Monday.

Eritrea has been accused of sending arms and fighters to the Islamic Courts Union (ICU), a claim it denies.

The Canadian High Commission in Nairobi the capital city of Kenya said it was attempting to get information about the Canadian national but it has no details yet.

Humanitarian agencies have warned that an increasing number of children are being conscripted into Somalis fighting factions, exposing them to attacks and separating them from their families.

The Somali Transitional Federal Government (TFG) has denied recruiting underage soldiers and accused the Islamic Courts Union (ICU) of recruiting children.

Various NGOs and United Nations agencies claim, the use of child soldiers in Somalia has increased since the fighting between the Islamic Courts Union (ICU) and Transitional Federal Government (TFG) escalated in December last year.

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