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Did You Know the Root Causes of the Conflict in Darfur?

by Admin

I wonder who could address the root causes of the political conflict in Darfur! I wonder further more if anybody knows the root causes of the conflict!

All that the media concentrates on it is to give the conflict an ethnic and religious descriptions forgetting that the region is one of the neglected regions in Sudan and forgetting that the Fur are Muslims.

So, how could one of the causes of the conflict be religious?

We always say, the problem of the entire Sudan, not only Darfur and the south is political problem in its nature and the devil military religious regime tries hard to influence it by religious propagandas.

The root causes are many and by the way, the conflict did not start at the time all the media sources mention every time and then. It began during the time the second military dictator ruled Sudan from 1969-1985 and escalated when the robbery armed groups formed and then used as weapons to fuel the conflict.

During the false democratic period in 1986-1989, the government failed or perhaps conspired in the matter of disarmament and demobilization of the armed groups.

There were many groups remained from the operations began in Libya during the seventies and failed when they invaded Khartoum on 1976.

Now with the newly armed groups in the region the matter seems difficult to be resolved dependant on foreign initiatives. They know this in Darfur and they have rights to decide the way they want the problems in the region be solved.

However, it will always be good for them to work from within and join efforts with the Sudanese opposition to force possible resolution.

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