Psychology of Fear has Political Aims!

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The Psychology of Fear has Political Aims in Sudan! The dictatorial military and religious regime in Khartoum planned it very well. They prove that they are the masters of the devil game. Read it through the lines of this piece of news analysing.

Armed clashes escalated lately between Misseriya and Alnoaiba in Khawr al-Ramla located in Nertti in the state of West Darfur near the borders with Chad. Eleven people have been killed in the clashes so far.

The dictatorial regime acknowledged the propagation of weapons in the hands of citizens in West Darfur and the inability of the ruling authorities to impose security and protection of citizens. The ruler of West Darfur who represents the dictatorial regime in Khartoum admitted that.

He suggested that the government should impose serious military actions to control the conditions where that is available to be done by the authorities. He is one of the leaders and he represents the military regime in Khartoum, but he could not do anything. Why?

However, this fact reflects that the widespread of weapons happens because the dictatorial regime wants this situation to escalate to benefit from it. In reality, the weapons are only in the hands of some of the warring elements and not in the hands of citizens as alleged by the Governor of West Darfur.

This fact confirms in turn the absence of good elected democratic government. It proves the continuous conspiracies of the ruling military and religious regime in Khartoum to make people fear the future and wonder
what will happen to the country if this regime collapses.

The actual understanding to this picture is that the leaders of the regime plan this new conspiracy very well by making Sudan instable. They want to impose a fearful thought that Sudan will deteriorate further if they have gone.

They plan this psychological threat to enjoy their presence in the center of the country away from these conflicts and provide the necessary protection to themselves and their components and then let many people burn in continuous clashes.

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