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Sudanese Online!

by Admin

Sudanese online includes comments on posts and other commentaries made by Sudanese on the HOA Political website. They are on this post to highlight those pages you may not reach easily on this network and to get into Sudanese online to discuss the commentaries.

💓 This is the secondary site map 21 D on Sudan. Links to the other primary and secondary site maps on Sudan are included on this page, just below the following Sudanese commentaries and updates.

🚀 Sudanese Political Caricature - Citing al-Midan, the voice of the Communist Party of Sudan, admin wrote about the political caricature in the divided country. This post comes with three Sudanese political caricatures from the mentioned political newspaper online. Read the post and see the caricatures and support the Sudanese Communist Party.

🚀 Sudanese Political Caricature - Comments - Admin added this comment to explain the different meanings of the Sudanese political caricature and how the relevancy between two words in the Arabic local language could vary geopolitically and economically. The post is a kind of humor. You can add your meaning to this post to enrich the Sudanese online dialogue.

🚀 Control the Uprisings - In this Sudanese post online, which was posted to the HOA Political Scene 42, the voice of the website, the director encourages the Sudanese people to control the uprising, so they will not lose it. In fact, they lost it that time before the separation of the Southern Sudan.

They may be regretting it by now, since part of their hearts break and the war is still going on politically and militarily. The director explains why people in Sudan need clear vision to separate religion from the state, stating that political Islam is a wrong concept in this age. The post need flow up and more entries to begin the Sudanese discussion online.

🚀 Political Comments by Emails - Replying to the HOA Political Scene 45, some Sudanese readers online sent the director comments by email expressing their will to support our case by printing and distributing some posts to their friends. They express their respect to the strong voice of the newsletter and point out that the policy of absenteeism failed on them.

🚀 Focus on Sudan - The director wrote his notes after publishing the HOA Political Scene 47 to clarify why the newsletter has focused on Sudan. The focus was part of activities before the secession of the South Sudan to get people aware of the dangers involved in the future, not in Sudan
only, but in other countries in the Horn of Africa.

Why some people, even those who do not know much about the Sudan, say the separation of the South Sudan is the only solution to the political crises in the country. Could the separation of Darfur also be the only solution to the Sudanese crises?

There are some different highlights in the very new book titled, South Sudan: The Case for Independence & Learning from Mistakes. See also Sudan, South Sudan, and Darfur: What Everyone Needs to Know and John Garang: And the Vision of New Sudan.

The complete Sudanese online commentaries are in the following primary and secondary site maps:

💓 Site map 7 A, Sudan.
💓 Site map 7 B, Sudanese Political Articles.
💓 Site map 7 C, Sudanese Arabic Political Articles.
💓 Site map 7 D, Sudanese Economical Forums.
💓 Site map 7 E, Sudanese Cultural Forums.
💓 Site map 7 F, Sudanese Forum.
💓 Site map 7 G, Sudanese Forums.
💓 Site map 7 H, Sudanese Regional Politics.
💓 Site map 21 A, Write about Sudan.
💓 Site map 21 B, Comments on Sudan.
💓 Site map 21 C, Sudan Online.
💓 Site map 21 D, Sudanese Online.
💓 Site map 21 E, Sudanese Regimes' Political Crimes.

Read Arabic pages on Sudanese Online at: Arabic HOA Political Scene| Asmara| Freedom Bells| Heglig Oil Fields| New Sudan| Questions| South Kordofan, Sudan| South Sudan| الجهل السياسي للمسألة السودانية| شيكاغو والهنود السودانيون| تغييب الذاكرة يؤدي الي تفريغ المظاهرات| أدبيات التعليق السياسي حول سياسات القرن الافريقي| مؤشرات تدهور الأوضاع السياسية بالسودان| إذا الشعب في السودان أراد الحياة| مفارقات البؤس في السودان و الصومال| سياسة حرق المراحل السياسية| عليّ و علي أعدائي سياسة متهورة لنظام السودان الديكتاتوري| سياسة الاخطبوط السودانية و تعطيل حركة التاريخ| للكذب ثلاثة ألوان| كيف أحصل علي مدونة كمدونة القرن الافريقي| علي هامش إحتفالات التغييب الذهني للمواطن السوداني في كل أنحاء السودان| سودان الحركة الشعبية لتحرير السودان الجديد| لاجئون و معارضون سياسيون إرتريون في اثيوبيا يفتقدون المصداقية| خارجية اثيوبيا تؤكد مساعدة لاجئين ارتريين ضد حكومتهم| عصابة الخرطوم الحاكمة تثير النزاعات المسلحة| بيافرا السودانية ستحرق ما تبقي من السودان| البداية الرسمية لتأبين السودان كأكبر قطر في افريقيا| البودا بودا موتورسايكل تاكسي جوبا الشعبي الجديد| سقوط نظرية ثورة الجيش| لا للدولة الدينية و الإسلام السياسي في السودان| الراحل جون قرنق ليس مؤسسا لدولة الجنوب السوداني| المعارك في جنوب السودان تبدد أحلام الإستقرار| التراجيديا السياسية في بلاد السودان| كير وكيباكي يتفقان علي تصدير نفط الجنوب عبر كينيا| بداية إحتفالات دولة الجنوب السوداني الجديدة بالإستقلال| قائد لصوص الدين ينفد بجلده العسكري ليعود مدنيا|

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