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Sudanese Dictatorial Regimes!

The purpose of this page about the Sudanese dictatorial regimes is to document the dictatorial periods in Sudan, read through to remember, study and find solutions to the Sudanese political problems since the independence in 1956.

The target is to help you read and know why Sudan falls in the circle of false democracies and military coups continuously since the Independence Day in 1956.

This page about the Sudanese dictatorial regimes comes to enlighten people along the way to see reasons and causes of the political deterioration in Sudan since 1956.

Therefore, the chronicle is not the intention in itself. In addition, this is not only a documentary page. You can use it to comment on the dictatorial regimes in Sudan, or read comments in this regard.

Sudan has three military dictatorial regimes. The first Sudanese dictatorial regime overthrew the first false democratic government in November 16–17, 1958 and a military general called Ibrahim Abbud (26 October 1900 – 8 September 1983) led it.

Two other dictatorial regimes followed the first one in different decades to give us the impression that Sudanese still need more political knowledge in to achieve good shift towards real democracy, maintain, and keep that democracy.

This happens only by building open, civilized and revolutionary minds that looks to politics as politics and to the state as a secular environment. Citizens are all equal in front of the law and the law is civilian.

Sudanese Dictatorial Regimes - First Military Regime

Sudanese people did not realize that Abbud's regime was a military dictatorial regime during the first three years. That was simply because of the following facts.

First, the regime was the first regime of its kind in the Sudanese history.

Second, the officers were from either the Ansar sect or the Khatmiyyah sect.

Third, the people of Sudan that time used to look always at the North (Egypt) as advanced example, so political events in the North had influenced them.

Military officers ruled the North that time too. Therefore, it was not strange to have Sudanese militants ruling Sudan. Here is more information about the first military dictatorial regime in Sudan ====>>>Military Dictator, Ibrahim Abbud.

Sudanese Dictatorial Regimes - Second Military Regime

The second military dictatorial regime in Sudan was that regime led by another militant adventurer called Jafar Mohammed al-Numeri during the hardest period of the Sudanese history from 1969-1985.

Numeri was not like Abbud although there is no favourability between dictators. Some people think that he has been the toughest and the most ignorant dictator at his time. He even used to slap his officers forget about his opponents.

However, he was not as toughest as those amalgamated religious and military dictators that came after him. Nevertheless, we consider Numeri as the motivational and spiritual leader of those military dictators who came after him.

The religious party, National Islamic Front (NIF), the motivator and the leader of the 1989 coup was the basic co-operator with Numeri during the 1980s to produce what they call the Sharia laws. Here is more information about the second military dictatorial regime in Sudan =====>>>Military Dictator, Jafar al Numeri and the NIF group that obsessed him.

Sudanese Dictatorial Regimes - Third Military Regime

The third military dictatorial regime in Sudan came to power in 1989. The religious party, National Islamic Front (NIF) planned the military coup, while this party was sharing the weak democracy in 1985-1989.

The NIF played the greatest role in the third weak democratic period to gain the third position in the Parliament, in spite of the fact that this devil party shared also the second dictatorial regime.

Members of this devil party in the army overthrew the weak democratic government led that time by the brother-in-law of the spiritual leader of the coup. This is the tragicomedy in the political history of Sudan. Here is more information about the third military dictatorial regime in Sudan =====>>>Military Dictator, Omar al-Bashir.

Sudanese Dictatorial Regimes!

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