Sudanese Indictment to Clean History!

The Sudanese Indictment is divided along with its Arabic version Sudanese Political Indictment into four or more sorts of charges. I investigate and develop these charges, while analyzing the Sudan's political scene from the Independence Day until now.

The charges are against some Sudanese political parties, including the Sudanese sectarian parties, whether the are in power, or not, as well as some illegitimate political groups.

The other illegitimate political groups are just running with the wrong conceptual term of politics that will never apply to Sudan. At the same time, that misconceptual term of politics will never find a way to play around or perform in the Sudanese ground. Like it, or not, that’s the truth.


This is regarding what I mentioned above, and if you tried it.

There is no way, except of pure Sudanese politics played by pure Sudanese groups. It doesn't necessary to have political parties to indicate democracy. Democracy in Sudan can be preserved and practiced by any other forms of political organization... let's say power groups, network, org, etc...


Green Peace, The Green, Sudanese Tigers Movement, Sudanese Nile Act, Sudanese National Org, Social Pact Political Engineers, Nature Children, Sudanese Justice Forum, Rural Qualification Umbrella.

You got the idea.

Avoid regional devisions in political umbrellas, like for example East Sudan, or Beja, or Darfur, South Sudan, etc...; avoid religious definition, like for example Muslim, or Islamic, or Christian, etc...; avoid color definition, like for example, Black, Brown, White, Yellow and you'll be safe.

The idea is to create environmental, humanitarian, political and social groups by other names than party and to do different works regarding the eduaction, environmental and humanitarian issues, the economy, the rural development and the society.

The society has many functions to take each of which to be a creative name for a political body, political umbrella, or just name it.

These ideas of the Sudanese journalist, poet, writer, activist, theoretician and strategist thinker Khalid Mohammed Osman are available to distribute as long as you adhere to mention the source by my full name and the address of this page included. Always take care of intellectual property rights, so as not to get anybody to call you a thief.

Back to the Sudanese Indictment, I say, it is clear that we have many indictments here. If fact the article is long, as it is an episode in sequence 1 of Sudanese political articles. It is connected with the following episodes:

Episode 20 Sudanese Alarm with its Arabic version Sudanese Political Alarm.

Episode 21 Sudanese Alerts with its Arabic version Sudanese Political Alerts.

Episode 22 Sudanese Allegations with its Arabic version Sudanese Political Allegations.

Undone numerically eisode titled Sudanese Claims, with its Arabic version Sudanese Political Claims.

A second undone numerically episode titled Sudanese Conspiracies, along with its Arabic version Sudanese Political Conspiracies.

A third undone numerically episode, like this one you are reading now titled Sudanese Intrigues, with its Arabic version Sudanese Political Intrigues.

A fourth undone numerically episode titled Sudanese Weakness, with its Arabic version Sudanese Political Weakness.

In the page you read before this one you knew the allegations against the military council that have emerged in Sudan from the military religious regime of the National Congress Party (NCP), which was led by the international criminal Omar al-Bashir who's wanted by the International Criminal Court (ICC) for crimes committed against humanity in Darfur, South Kordofan Sudan and other regions.

The indictment of senior officers and personnel of the regime and Omar al-Basher's indictment along with the arrest warrant issued to arrest Sudanese dictator are still to be taken seriously to bring this criminal and his colleagues in the regime to international justice.

The so called Transitional Military Council (TMC), which have taken over power and committed the massacres of June 3, 2019 by the Janjaweed should also be brought to trials by the ICC.

I continue the allegations after shifting them to indictments to look deeply into other accusations and claims against the Sudanese political parties and the Sudanese Intifada. Of course the Sudanese Protests have none. But, we shall see why few people accuse the Sudanese Revolution without having any clue and for what.

Continuing Sudanese Claims on Sudanese Indictment!

To my people, this revolutionary characterization as many people use to call for "peaceful revolution" has never occurred to any revolution worldwide and succeeded, even in the sense of the word "revolution" and that's because the revolution definitely includes revolutionary violence.

The revolutionary violence is the main factor that achieves victory, as long as the coercive regime, which the revolution is rising against it uses violence, to suppress the people and their revolutions.

In such a circumstance, it is well known that there are two different kinds of groups; a group of "doves" and a group of "hawks".

According to the description of the revolution on the basis that it is a violent rejection of the regime that permits the use of counterrevolutionary violence, the group of hawks is always right, as long as they follow the assumptions of the revolution in the abstract sense of the word. We Sudanese need this instict.

Only revolution in this manner can defeat the violence that the coercive regime does. However, the intended violence here isn't direct violence. It is systematic and running along with the progress of the demonstrations, as explained by Annumor AlSudanyah.

There are also Sudanese indictments in form of claims spread here and there from the representatives of the coercive regime, who are the only ones benefiting from them, saying that the revolution is driven by Communists and atheists for a purpose to abolish Islam, or to lift the country from its alleged Islam.

Since when did the Sudanese decide for their homeland to be an Islamic homeland?

Since when did the Sudanese decide to belong to an axis that claims to be Islamic, with all that is known about it, which is described to be a clear departure from Islam?

Upon one look at the depths of things, to see what emerged from them, you'll know the sorts of crimes committed by parties in this allegedly described as Islamic axis against other Muslim peoples in Palestine, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and elsewhere. You'll know, precisely the sorts of conspiracies of Arab countries planned to destroy other Arab countries, which have torn those countries into pieces for years.

These accusations in the Sudanese context concerning Communists and atheists are nothing more than mere tendentious hollow claims and outdated methods, which lack credibility and transparency.

Sudanese Indictment in the Framework of the Sudanese Revolution!

Such accusations to the Sudanese rising people are strange because they came from Islamists, by their false pretense against their opponents to stress that they are the only ones right and to cover that Islamists have not violated any rights by their coercive practices against the Sudanese people, or killed their sons in the haram month of Ramadan. They did that twice in this month.

There's more than Islamists killing Muslims in the haram month, if you want to count. They are on the rape of male opponents, the rape of young girls and even some of the females in their alleged Islamic organizations, the practice of manslaughter, the theft of national treasury funds and the sale of the honor of the country, not only its land to Arab opportunists and other thieves.

After all, they talk about being Islamists and the Islam they practice is only a declaration of a false Islamic appearance. These claims they are always talking about to degrade the activities of the revolution and stop the activists who have been fueling it for many years are also planned to preserve the infrastructure of the totalitarian regime.

Now, they claim of the Muslim Brothers in the TMC is that they have the share of achieving the revolution. The simple question here is so why then they worked to stop it by establishing  the military council and having foreign mercenaries in it?

Why then they did stop it by killing, burning and raping some people accounted in all type of crimes as 3,600 people?

They will also get back to their decisive ways to say that there are some other groups of Islamists doing that. When you look to all of them to investigate, you'll see that all the groups of Islamists are involving in the recent conspiracies against the revolution and the Sudanese people.

They have been burning the Sudanese people for so long years and spread their venom around the honorable revolutionaries, including those who live in flames for more than 30 years, some of whom have been forced to leave their country, without pity or mercy, to tarnish their image and hit the revolution by questioning the integrity of their national activities.

The Sudanese indictments are imposed against the totalitarian regime and the military council that have emanated from this Sudanese political scandal represented by the national congress party of Omar al-Bashir, as evidenced by having them emerged with their use of Islamic Sharia to denial every Sudanese belief, custom and morality, at the time that they all practice such acts against all beliefs.

All claims of Sharia do not justify violating the inviolability of the country and its citizens and don't prove their actions are right. Instead, all of that proves that they are mere criminal gangs against humanity. The other proves are that they have committed the genocide in Darfur.

The revolution in its national activities is fully aware of the purposes of this tyranny, its TMC with the Janjaweed and its plans to destroy the collective Sudanese conscience and build more network of mercenaries in favor of the Arabs princes and sheikhs in the gulf area.

Their policies prove that. The fascist Islamist regime and its mercenaries have all sold their conscience when they have been brought to power by the devil of the Muslim Brotherhood, the Sudanese wing of the Muslim Brotherhood movement in this region, which was ravaged by its corrupt rulers from the far ocean to the far Gulf.

They know that the comprehensive Sudanese uprising is the only process that will liberate the Sudan from their power and serve as an inspiration to the people in the region for national liberation. This is the talk of the next history. The most beautiful history begins tomorrow.

Sequence 1: Sudanese Indictment with Other Episodes!

The series in sequence 1 includes Sudanese political articles in English, Sudanese Arabic political articles, Sudanese commentaries and Sudanese comments, the loyal readers of the HOA Political Scene Newsletter and I have written on the HOA Political Scene Blog.

The HOA Index includes also Sudanese Commentaries and the Sudanese Comments. These two indexing pages are episodes in the Sudanese sequence of articles.

They make the HOA Network bilingual with the Arabic HOA and the English Bilingual HOA. on the cultural section of the network at HOAs English Literature.

The readers of the Horn of Africa's Journal and the loyal visitors of HOA Political Scene have already built many categories on the Arabic HOA Political Scene at Readers Comment, Readers Read Good, Readers Write Comments and Readers Write Good.

They also add pages to this network at: Write about Chad, Write about Djibouti, Write about DRC, Write about Eritrea, Write about Ethiopia, Write about HOA, Write about Kenya, Write about Somalia, Write about Sudan and Write about Uganda.

The series of articles are in many episodes in the sequence of Sudanese articles and commentaries. This sequence alone has more than 200 episodes.

The work continues on the Sudanese sequence of political articles to complete the edition of it in an alphabetical and numerical order, as you see from the alphabet of the second term and the numbers.

This episode is connected with all of the episodes from episode 1 to the end. The episodes are at:

Episode 1: Sudanese Abilities| Episode 2: Sudanese Absence| Episode 3: Sudanese Abuse| Episode 4: Sudanese Achievements| Episode 5: Sudanese Actions| Episode 6: Sudanese Activities| Episode 7: Sudanese Administration| Episode 8: Sudanese Advantages| Episode 9: Sudanese Adversity| Episode 10: Sudanese Advices| Episode 11: Sudanese Advocacy| Episode 12: Sudanese Affairs| Episode 13: Sudanese Affiliation|

There are some Arabic versions of some of these episodes at:

Sudanese Political Abilities| Sudanese Political Absence| Sudanese Political Abuse| Sudanese Political Achievements| Sudanese Political Actions| Sudanese Political Activities| Sudanese Political Administration| Sudanese Political Advantages| Sudanese Political AdversitySudanese Political Advices| Sudanese Political Advocacy| Sudanese Political Affairs| Sudanese Political Affiliation| Sudanese Political Affliction|

The organization of the Sudanese political articles goes further to cover the following episodes:

Episode 15: Sudanese Aggression| Episode 16: Sudanese Agitation| Episode 17: Sudanese Agreements| Episode 18: Sudanese Aid| Episode 19: Sudanese Aims| Episode 20: Sudanese Alarm| Episode 21: Sudanese Alerts| Episode 22: Sudanese Allegations| Episode 23: Sudanese Allies| Episode 24: Sudanese Alternatives| Episode 25: Sudanese Ambitions| Episode 26: Sudanese Amnesty| Episode 27: Sudanese Analyses| Episode 28: Sudanese Anecdotes| Episode 29: Sudanese Anger| Episode 30: Sudanese Angles|

As well as Sudan, the organizational work continues to build other sequences with episodes for the other states in the Horn of Africa, including Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, Somaliland, South Sudan, and Uganda. Chad, or Tchad and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) are supplementary.

This is a Horn Africas Network.

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