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Muslim Brother's Octopus in Sudan!

by Admin

I wonder if those people in Sudan have never seen the Muslim Brother's Octopus! It lives inside the Sudanese society since the forties. It changes its name five times and it now appears with different arms.

The leader of the Muslim Brothers in Sudan Hassan al-Turabi known as the fox of the National Islamic Front (NIF) brought my thoughts to this comment. He lately called the opposed opposition groups not to quit the elections.

His comrades imprisoned him and accused him of plotting against them in the leadership of the military religious regime and simply many Sudanese believed this story. We are so simple and innocent people.

Remember this am telling you now and wake up. Those alleged Muslim Brothers in Sudan make the devil itself a devil.

The political scene in Sudan is now prepared very well for this octopus party to grow more wings and acquire wide network to fulfil its satanic project in spite of all national hopes and wishes to get rid of the military religious regime in Sudan.

There is no way to play stupid or smart in front of such octopus. However, there is only one way to defeat this satanic project in Sudan.

Occupy people by knowledge and help them reach the truth.

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