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Sudanese Activities in the Framework of People's Protests!

Why have the Sudanese activities in the Sudanese framework of people's protests failed to make any progress despite the continued activities of the Sudanese people since 1990 to date?

There are many reasons for the failure of the Sudanese people in their political activities to overthrow the Sudanese dictatorial regimes and lay the right way for the new democratic, secular and united state.

Speaking about the reasons of the continuous failure of the people is from one side. From another side, there are also reasons for the failure of the political activities of what's called national governments since the Independence Day.

Both of the failure, whether in the people's sectors, or the formal sector, is ongoing political crisis in Sudan.

The Sudanese activities concerning political changes within the framework of the Sudanese resistance movement, which is being carried out by the Sudanese people in order to overthrow the regime of the Sudanese tyrant Omar al-Bashir, have made no progress since the day these activities began in 1990.

This means that all of the Sudanese political movements have failed in their attempts to overthrow the regime of the so-called Sudanese National Congress Party, which is define by me according to my own vocabulary, as a religious military regime.

Intro to Index 6, Episode 6: Sudanese Activities!

This page about the Sudanese political activities makes episode 6 in a sequence of Sudanese political articles in English and Sudanese Arabic political articles. Many of the articles are comments on Sudan written either by me, or by loyal readers of the HOA Political Scene Newsletter.

Many of the readers read good between the lines of articles in the HOA Political Scene, so for that reason readers write good insights about the Sudanese political issues.

Readers comment, actually when they read insightful articles.This is why readers write good comments. Their articles and comments build the Arabic HOA Political Scene, which stands out to make the Arabic HOA very rich resource of political Sudanese analyses.

These Sudanese analyses make also one of the episodes in the sequence of Sudanese commentaries and articles. It is episode 25. The linked Sudanese commentaries is also one of the epsiodes. It is episode 85.

So, you loyal reader understand that the sequence of the Sudanese articles and commentaries is composed of many episodes. There are in fact more than 200 episodes in this sequence alone.

I am working constantly to furniture the lay out of the Horn Africas Network in order of alphabetical and numerical episodes in many sequences for the other states in the Horn of Africa to make the organization of the HOA network better online place for you to experience a good order of reading.

Episode 6 here is a continuation to episode 5 at "Sudanese Actions" and it continues to episode 7 at "Sudanese Administration", episode 8 at "Sudanese Advantages", episode 9 at "Sudanese Adversity", episode 10 at "Sudanese Advices" and on other episodes.

The introductory episode 1 is on "Sudanese Abilities". Episode 2 is on "Sudanese Absence". Episode 3 is on "Sudanese Abuse". Episode 4 is on "Sudanese Achievements". Episode 5 is on "Sudanese Actions". Episode 6 is here on "Sudanese Activities".

This series of articles, as you can see from the numeric and alphabetical classification in the titles of the pages are in the form of political episodes. The detailed episodes are a quiet and spacious dialogue to serve the facts of the Sudanese political situation, and to discover the Sudanese political failure, which continues in Sudan and makes the Sudanese political scene very ugly.

Here on the SUDANESE ACTIVITIES page, I'll start again analyzing the causes. I'll begin with the failure of the Sudanese Activities to expel the totalitarian regime and then get to the failure of the Sudanese ruling parties, while they were leading the governments of Sudan in three different decades.

I am the Sudanese journalist Khaled Mohamed Osman and I wrote the whole of this political analysis of contemporary Sudanese issues. I say what I believe right.

The Failure of the Sudanese Activities to Expel the Totalitarian Regime!

There is always a reason for failure in any field of expertise... and sometimes combined reasons.

It doesn't have to be harder to understand any reason. It only takes a little mind efforts to understand.

When we talk about the failure of the Sudanese activities aimed at eradicating the Sudanese dictatorship, we are talking about the failure of an idea and the failure of a method.

A method can become a module, in which it can be encapsolated.

* The idea is not only, or should not only be the overthrow of this dictatorial regime, because it is the only system that's responsible of the deterioration of the Sudan.

* The method should not only be in peaceful demonstrations, which is declared and executed to lead to failure, with great stupidity.

I don't take your pardon for that, because I have the mindset of half a century of experienes to read and understand what's going on very good... and yes, I am really angry of the misconduct of the revolution, as any sincere Sudanese national could be.

Let's analyze the vocabulary of "idea" and "method".

* The Idea

Firstly, the idea of eliminating the Sudanese military religious system alone is not correct.


Because it is not only the totalitarian regime that is responsible for the Sudan's political, economical, health, social, educational, cultural, etc... problems.

No totalitarian regime in the Sudan has been the main cause of these problems, although the Sudanese totalitarian regimes have already contributed to the exacerbation of the Sudanese problems that already existed before the coups of the military elites.

I hope that this important point of view is properly understood and that we do not have any demagoguery in our mentalities to prevent us from understanding what I am saying.

The military coups have taken place because all these political problems have reached their peak, or climax. These military coups were designed to correct the overall Sudanese situation and to devise appropriate solutions to all those problems. Any political analyst must be very honest in this regard.

However, as soon as the army officers arrived at the political power, they were bewitched by political power and become blinded, as did the political parties. 

Yes, we understand very well what political power does in non-loyal and non-honest and non-inclined national Sudanese people.

They have therefore forgotten the reason for their military coups, which is to address the problems of the Sudan and to modernize and develop its immense potential.

Thus, all the Sudanese events have been confined and concentrated in obtaining the wealth of the country and all the concessions for themselves, their families and all the acquaintances who are benefiting, from the beneficiaries and opportunists.

These personal ambitions in power and wealth have exacerbated all Sudanese problems. Nevertheless, all these outcomes have led to more systematic looting of the country's wealth.

Not only that, but they opened the Sudanese gate to the participation of those who cooperate with the military regime from the neighbouring countries to continue the looting of the Sudan.

Of course, we know the ambitions of some of the characters in neighboring countries that do not want good for Sudan, becuase they don't have what Sudan has in million square miles of natural resources.

We know that some of these people have become happy of what has happened to Sudan, with all that it has in million square miles of natural resources and the Sudan cannot make any use of them.

This is so painful, guys... so painful.

Following up on the "idea " of the Sudanese activities against the totalitarian regime, to the effect that the idea should not be against the totalitarian regime alone, I hope you have become aware of this fact.

As evidenced by the fact that the totalitarian regime did not begin those Sudanese problems, although it has contributed to their exacerbation, we find that the political powers in the so called democratic governments have caused the problems of the Sudan.

These other political powers that have caused all of the Sudan's problems are in fact the Sudanese political parties, especially the Sudanese sectarian parties. They have taken the political power in the Sudan after the independence from Britain in 1956.

Any political analyst should know this by reading the history of the periods in which these political parties have ruled the Sudan, to see what they have done politically, economically, socially and culturally.

Any sincere analyst will know what these political parties have been doing even for their members, whom we know that they represent a large part of the Sudanese people.

The analyst will know here how they were confined to the coronation of their leaders, who have no other than the negative cultural influence in their members and who harness them to serve the interests of the narrow-minded partisan leaderships, which led by unscrupulous humans, with purely personal interests.

To know more about all that I said in the last paragraph please finish reading about the method of the Sudanese Activities and then continue at episode 7, Sudanese Administration.

* The Method

The method I am speaking about for a long time to take in the Sudanese activities against the regime is actually a curriculum, or so it should be in this regard.

As long as it is a method it is also a system, or it can have a system. I am very interested in the way the vocabulary exchanges its moral functions between these 3 terms. This is my specialty as a journalist and writer.

The right approach is always the one that leads to the success of any work done to accomplish anything. Even the simplest things have an approach to play. For example, even cooking food has an approach and has its own system, so that tasty food matures properly.

The declared method of protest is the peaceful Sudanese protests, so the peaceful Sudanese uprising has not achieved anything. Despite the failure of this method in the Sudanese activities against the regime, the Sudanese revolution is still without hope. This is not the way the Sudanese can achieve any success in the Sudan Revolution.

The Sudanese activities through the popular uprisings have lasted for a very long time, almost 30 years, and none of these Sudanese national attempts have succeeded.

There are special mechanisms or as I wish to call them for the success of any work, especially a revolutionary act like the Sudanese revolution. These special mechanisms should be by using another method in the Sudanese revolution.

While calling for a new method in the Sudanese activities, we don't want here to pursue the failed approach of the Sudanese armed factions, which have been fighting the dictatorial regime and battling it for a long time, in which the Sudanese armed groups failed to achieve any victory over the Sudanese totalitarian regime.

In my own perspective, there is a method that can be distinctive and useful in achieving a decisive victory on the Sudanese totalitarian regime. It is not only to triumph over the dictatorial regime, but to secure the best systematic methods, so that the Sudan does not return to its old political situation. 

This method that I am talking about is an integrated approach within the framework of an integrated programme for the accomplishment of the civil, secular, modern and democratic state.

It is available only to members of the group "Sudanese Tigers / Annumor AlSudanyah" and to those who join it from loyal Sudanese who believe in everything I say in the analysis of the Sudanese situation. 

Continue this particular thread of analyzing at Sudanese Political Administration. But, please do that when you complete reading the Sudanese Activities and commenting on the topic.

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