The Ethio - Eritrean War: A war of Personal Interest!

by Gebrehawerya Haile
(Ethiopia, Tigray)

The war waged between Ethiopia and Eritrea was fought, because of the unlimited interest of the Eritreans to be super power in the horn of Africa.

Before 1990 E.C, for almost seven years the Eritrean had a very extensive military training strategy to have a strong national defence force while the Ethiopians had nothing.

That is why they invade their mother land in 1990's. I remember the moment, even though I was the at age of 10. I had never seen, or even heard about war and war ideas before the Ethiopia-Eritrean war.

Unfortunately, I have heard through the media that the Eritrean government has invaded Ethiopia for the first time on the "Bademe" area, which is the Ethiopian land. During the time there was no military forces on the Ethiopian side, but more than five times of the Ethiopian forces the Eritreans had.

The Eritrean soldiers killed the Ethiopian militias and a counter response happens by the day. Formal war has been started between the two former brothers and sisters on may 4. 1990 E.C around Bademe, and soon expanded to areas like Zalambessa.

On may 27. 1990 E.C the two fought in Zalambessa border and using their excess military force the Eritreans defeat their counter parts. By the time I was in one cave for safety purpose to escape the danger of the war, because of the nearness of my birth place and residence to the war front.

I remember the real frustration that I have faced by that time.However the Ethiopians have built their strong military capacity and defeat the Eritreans, from the lands of Ethiopia. Right now the two brothers are living separately.

My birth place Zalambessa is living alone lacking its sister cities like Senafe, Mendefera, Asmera and others.

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