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Apr 12, 2016
The Disputed Lands are Eritrean!
by: Khalid

Thanks a lot for the lines you have written to express your point of view. But, I think, with due respect, there are some questions to answer to know the matter well.

What evidence do you have the disputed lands between Eritrea and Ethiopia are Ethiopian?

Did you mention this only because you are Ethiopian?

You mentioned also some information about the beginning of the conflict, which is totally wrong. The story hasn't begun like that. You will know this from many recourses including even Ethiopian resources, especially during the argument between the two governments before the escalation of the dispute.

It is evidence that the continuing Ethiopian holds of some non-Ethiopian regions may be used to prove that it is an Ethiopian habit to take lands from here and there and this has been a historical habit when Ethiopia expanded from the central Habasha heights to take adjacent areas and dominate its people.

Eritrea is small and it has not several millions of people to use in its army and it is well known through history that Ethiopia has the biggest army in the continent and she uses the invasion of locust through history to conquer the others. So, how could a very small state go to war with the biggest if she doesn't have the right claims over the disputed lands?

Just ask yourself this question and then go back to documentaries about the Eritrean Ethiopian conflict.

The ruling front in Eritrea, which has been the EPLF and changed to HGDF supported the TPLF few years from the start of the struggle and shared with them every thing they have until they marched together to liberate Asmara and continued to Addis Ababa.

So how could a front like the Eritrean front try to humiliate, or dominate the Ethiopian front?

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