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Who Plans against Ethiopia and Sudan?

by Enkidu Debaba

Prof. Dr Muhammad Shamsaddin wrote thousands of articles. His articles mainly concentrated on the ancient history with today politics.

Many of his articles are informative, but they all have misguidance and misdirected to uneducated people, especially those who have no enough knowledge of ancient history.

His articles have an ability to cry with those had once been victims and he may cry with them a crocodile tears.

Dr Muhammad origin is Armenia has been living in different countries and he studied in deferent universities. He may well understand the countries in the Middle East one by one.

However, Dr Shamsaddin seems still did not become satisfied with the political development. There is something upset him, there is some inferiority complex in his mind.

Since 2004 until today, he wrote many articles online in many websites concerning the Horn of Africa. All his messages are anti-Ethiopian and the Ethiopian ancient history.

Dr Muhammad Shamsaddin beside his study regarding Abyssinian subjects, which is inerasable Abyssinia history 'Abrahamic heritage', he tried to hide it.

He calls each tribe in Ethiopia to make war against the other tribe. He falsely stands against the government on power so called TPLF and his mission is to destruct the history of Ethiopian and to erase the name of Ethiopia like his Armenia from the face of the world map.

The mission of Dr Muhammad Shamsaddin he conducts through his anti-Ethiopian movement has a background. Egypt continues cultivating anti-Ethiopian and Sudanese policy for several decades. Many of the Sudanese ancient history has already forged by Egyptians.

Egypt does not need unity and development for both Sudan and Ethiopia, but once both nations understand it, Egypt loses many things.

Peasant Revolution in Ethiopia: The Tigray People's Liberation Front, 1975-1991 (African Studies)

War & the Politics of Identity in Ethiopia: The Making of Enemies & Allies in the Horn of Africa (Eastern Africa Series)

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