Wars in the Horn of Africa Create Complicated Future!

by Omer Abbas

The wars in the Horn of Africa have created complicated future for many countries specially Eritrea and Ethiopia.

The wars also prevented implementing the goals of the revolutions in Ethiopia and Eritrea, and resulted in the Horn of Africa not being able to solve the political problems in devastated Somalia and dictatorship-torn Sudan.

Every side told the press to work towards its own benefits. The truth has never known in the media while covering the war.

I anticipate both of the Eritrean President and the Ethiopian Prime Minister have engaged personally with the media to direct the media towards what to publish.

Censorship works at high grade to prevent the complete truth about the war to spread. The people were deceived by being exposed to offensive behaviours from both parties to hate each other.

The war threatened also the Sudanese opposition operating through the borders between Sudan, Eritrea and Ethiopia and forced the Sudanese People's Liberation Movement to sign the comprehensive peace agreement.

At that time, we had dreams in the area to achieve great development through the IGAD and through strong cooperation between the EPLF, the TPLF and other revolutionary groups.

We hoped also that strong Eritrea, Ethiopia and Uganda could make the Sudanese opposition strong to overthrow the NIF's regime led in the first period of the coup by Omar al Bashir who has deceived the people of Sudan by changing the name to the National Conference Party.

Everything became worse, so instead of seeing our hopes come true, we had very poor countries and some junta groups operating here and there led by some people who have chances to find refuge in this country
and that and in the West. Those small opposition groups have no long or good political experiences in the area.

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