Why the UN Eritrean Political Refugees Suffer in Denmark?

UN Eritrean political refugees in Denmark have a serious problem. Ah, not only them but other convention refugees have the same problem too.

Is it a coincidence that neither the officials know, nor the politicians in the Danish Parliament know?

The media also does not know the problem exists when some media sources broadcast some criminal acts made by some political refugees in Denmark.

When such thing happens, then the media broadcasts it in a way that the citizens understand, all foreigners are bad people.

A couple of weeks ago, one of the UN Eritrean political refugees became angry of mistreatment in his municipality and his job centre, so disappointedly he tried to stick an official with a knife.

He was not guilty, even if he killed the official.

No, I do not intend to defend a crime. Just give me a second to explain this.

That is simply because he did not know what he was doing.

That is simply because he was not treated well when he first came to Denmark.

That is simply because neither the government nor the officials in other local administrational municipalities know the first attempt to treat a person who came from a war-torn area.

They should have sent him first to a medical psychic care before trying to invest on him.

But, they all ignore the root of the problem. All their concerns are to send folk to the language schools to take the language eduction very fast and then send them from a work practice project to another, when the employee's market becomes tighter and while many companies still fire thousands of employees.

That is the worst thing those who dream to come and live in the paradise in Europe do not know. Many of them think people are living in the paradise in Europe. So, they approach the UNHCR or take all the risks to smuggle themselves to get resettlements in this false paradise.

Interestingly, the media broadcasts the news as is from the surface point and in a way that make the problem deeper.

So, it is obvious that other citizens become angry more and more and hate foreign settlers in their land, even if they were convention refugees, without knowing those refugees are different from other foreigners in their country.

That means the media makes the vital mistake of increasing the sensitivity of the relations between foreigners and nationals.

Such oriented behaviors of the media affect the nationals negatively. Therefore, the majority of them vote for the fundamental liberal party and its hardliners, (e.g. parties known for their hard policy, especially against foreigners from defined origins and cultures).

Tragically, when the media questions some politicians of their impressions about such criminal acts, those politicians forget the necessity of analyzing the event and speak about the necessity of making the law tougher when treating such crimes and protecting the officials in the centers of public services.

Well, those officials in the municipal authorities do not know how to deal with the UN Eritrean political refugees or other refugees from other places.

All their concerns are to stop their own welfare (which is completely different from that given to citizens).

They hunt the chances to minimize their welfare, even when those refugees become older to carry any job that requires muscles work.

Misunderstanding? That seems a tragedy.

But, did Geneva know?

Geneva and few other human rights organizations have criticized the first prime minister of the Liberal party in Brussels regarding this policy against the UN political refugees.

The problem that faces those UN Eritrean political refugees or political refugees from other countries is not new. It is not, but as always it seems to be a result of the worst ten years policy of the formal liberal government with its fundamental supporters in the Parliament.

The parties in that government reflect the public opinion of about 71% of the citizens. They continued to influence the citizens negatively to feel that there is a problem with having new settlers in their community, while they still open the door and accept new refugees.

The media plays the principal role in this increase of fundamental negative thoughts about refugees or new settlers in this society. OK, the number maybe a (bit less) than this, despite that the hardliners have won the elections three times and they were about to win in the last elections.

The new (grey leftist) parties with one rightist party supporter in the new government have won the last elections with difficulties. Their influence still drops dramatically according to the public opinion surveys, forget about having a weak government that combines deep contradictions inside it.

However, all of these points should make good sense for the international refugees' agency to look after before sending the UN Eritrean political refugees or other refugees from other nations to Denmark.

Alternatively, they may seek resettling them again in some other tolerant environments, especial when professionals out of those refugees cannot get a passport after 11 years of resettlement because of the laws made by the formal liberal government.

If they do not find such settlement for the UN Eritrean political refugees or other refugees from other nations in the already existed states, then they can find big settlement in a big empty island in this world for refugees to build as a nation.

Name it the new nation of the world refugees and send them to live there. Give them the money to invest in the land and the sea and to build their new state with its legislative power, judicial power and executive power.

Have a nice humor day.

P.S. This is why some of those UN Eritrean political refugees or other refugees from other nations have chosen to leave Denmark and seek other resettlement opportunities in the United Kingdom. They of course apply using other causes, or as new asylum seekers.

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