UNHCR Mandate Termination in Libya Endangers Refugees!

by Selamawi

UNHCR Mandate Terminated, Danger Shadowing Refugees in Libya!

As a northern African nation and as strategic location to bounce to Europe, Libya has been hosting some thousands of immigrants.

It has low records of human rights and people have been facing too much abuse in detention centres.

Since long time, the UN refugee agency has been trying to address the needs of asylum seekers and refugees, below the threshold level that considered as a contribution.

The office was there for the only hope to those in desperate of its umbrella; even though little is done by the office.

Everybody is aware of all the dilemmas the office to tackle with, but the office was highly expected to act with in the problems more than what it has been doing.

People have been tired visiting the office that hosts few staff and very large workload. RSD interviews have scheduled for more than four times, while many people are waiting for the interview since 2008.

Even for those who got the RSD, the result for decision has delayed and many of the clients have been visiting the office every Thursday.

Issuing asylum and refugee certificate is the other problem; people have been visiting the office for more than four months as no certificate has given to all new applicants who register in 2010.

People are also desperately looking aid in detention centres. Yes, this is of course, difficult for the office, as it needs some assistance from the government. Thus, people will face extreme situation if this little responsibility of UNHCR totally terminated.

All the asylum seekers who do not yet got opportunity to registration, all the asylum seekers registered for asylum but waiting for RSD, all asylum seekers who have done the RSD interview but waiting the final decision on their refugee status are the first hand.

Yet we know many recognized refugees who desperately look for durable solutions and other groups who had already referred for resettlement to voluntary countries and finished interviews with IOM for final resettlement.

Other groups fall to family sponsorship to Canada and EU countries. Every body will be in great risk with the new decision
of Libya to terminate the work of the UN refugee agency.

The Italian push back policy is also there. People cannot go to Italy and apply for asylum.

Now, the tactic of the Italian government is to deceive the EU by convincing the other member states about the welcoming of returnees. Now every thing becomes clear.

All the pushed back are yet in detention centres and all the rest are risking of deportation back to their home country if the UN refugee agency terminates in Tripoli.

Where the sense of globalization and civilization in the EU in general and in Italy in particular advocates?

Thus, Eritrean asylum seekers and refugees are center for the risk and are extremely concerned.

Now they are urging the international community to convince Libya to allow the agency to function.

We also urge the developed countries, members of the 1951 Refugees Protocol to look for durable solutions to the problems of the desperate refugees in Libya.

Battleground: North Africa and Italy

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