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All Comments on HOA by Enkidu Debaba!

by Admin

Political Development in the Horn of Africa!

Thanks to Enkidu Debaba (not his real name); he builds continuously good political pages in the HOA Political Scene Network.

A brave Ethiopian national that has the vision to understand the past with an open eye and yes, we mean mind to come with good thoughts to address the inherited political problems of the past.

We really need good and sincere people to achieve any good political goal for the sake of our nationals. We feel the pain of the nationals through history until this moment and we take it a holy task to help our brothers and sisters out of bad political situations.

However, I meant on this comment to refer to most of the pages, Enkidu Debaba has written here to help readers reach those pages easily, since the website is getting bigger and bigger continuously.

The most important thing is that, you can comment of those pages providing your ideas about how to address the political problems in the Horn of Africa. Take any country separately, write about the political issues in that country, and then connect the similar dots to refer to other countries that live the same political situation.

You can reach Enkidu Debaba's network through the button on the navigation bar at the left or through the following links to his posts.

Enkidu Debaba has commented on the following political issue:

* Alarming Secret Deportation of 12 Eritreans - Comments.

* Alert Sudan.

* All Comments on HOA by Enkidu Debaba.

* Donors are Responsible in Ethiopia.

* Enkidu Debaba.

* Ethiopian-Eritrean Refugees are Disappointed

* From Sudan: Hunger Calls in a Deserted Valley.

* Long Term Presidency Means Dictatorship - Comments.

* Psychology of Fear has Political Aims - Comments.

* The Business of Politics.

* They are Sinful until Messiah Comes again - Comments.html.

* Two Friends on the Edge.

It will always be useful to light a candle than to damn the dark. Therefore, the goals are clear to pursue. We intend to support the entire network by some financial projects as you can see through the HOAs Journalists Project, HOAs Poets Project and HOAs Refugees.

This is very important to raise funds for the entire projects and help people get together to discuss what needed to be done to achieve the goals of the projects.

Keep on visiting the HOA Political Scene Network, read deeply through all the pages, comment and gather your friends here.

Please spend time on this network to reap the benefits of it. You can publish many pages here too through the comment link below or through any form on the website.

Darfur: A New History of a Long War (African Arguments)

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