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Jun 16, 2010
We Need Solidarity to Overcome the New Human Crisis!
by: selamawi

With the challenges that may end by closing the human operations of the international refugee agency in Libya, the human crisis will escalate to the top.

Evidences are showing up. Predictions are unlimited. Worries nestle in the minds of our fellow international political refugees in Tripoli.

Things have been going from bad to worst, and they reached to the level they are now. They can be tackled only if we continue our solidarity and bring the situation to the sight of the blind eyes. The eyes will continue to be blind, but let our solidarity put things more visible.

Sometimes you will even see people who do not want to accept the facts and see how much threats are there among refugees in Libya. I guess they are people who do not accept people to leave their country to be refugees and be denied in Libya.

But, I think it is good to be more human and open to help putting an end to the sufferance of your brethren in Libya.

Long live HOA and long live Khalid for creating this ground as so, as the blind eye can wear eyeglass and see the fact on ground.

Let us all cry out to explain how much threats Eritrean asylum seekers/refugees live in Libya, especially if the authority kicked the UNHCR out and let us do our best to pressurize against Libya to take whatever means to accept the presence of the Refugee Agency in its land.

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Jun 13, 2010
Sad Story about Eritrean Refugees in Libya!
by: Anonymous

It is very sad to read this. I think they should urge Libya and even implement some methods of pressures for the country to accept and improve its human rights records.

Take care, Selamawi. You are doing a good job. I appreciate your courage. Keep on going. We want to read more about the Eritrean refugees in Libya, Italy and elsewhere.

I appreciate also, the people who publish this website. They open a window for us to see more lights.

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