How to Contribute to Eritrea and NGOs?

by Khalid Osman

Jouranalist Khalid Osman with his sharp pen, by Sudanese painter Tahir Salih.

Jouranalist Khalid Osman with his sharp pen, by Sudanese painter Tahir Salih.

I thought of adding this post to show you my valued and dearest visitor how to use the form and contribute to Eritrea and NGOs, or to any page on HOA Political Scene.

One of the readers of the HOA Political Scene Newsletter asked the question. So, I thought many of the members in my lists and some other visitors could possibly ask that question too.

This page answers the question, "how to contribute to Eritrea and NGOs" and generally how to contribute to the network.

It is very important to go through the process patiently and easily and be focused on your topic. That helps us and other readers read good commentaries in this network. So, avoid awkward and bizarre commentaries like what you read on may websites.

Here we go to hep you be organized and focused:

There are two methods of commentaries on this network. The first is done through the main forms to comment on the topics of the pages and the second is done through links to respond to the commentaries.

That means comment on commentaries and you do this when your read the commentaries and think that you should participate in that discussion.

Here is an explanation about how to do that through the forms followed by explanation about how to do that through the comments link.

Original Comments on Topics:

Click on the question mark and the linked words for help. You read the best explanation in this process. But, take it also step by step here.

Read the explanation for each comment before posting it at any form in this website.

If you wanted to add a comment on topics you read on the primary pages, use the form on that page and keep your comment focused on the topic of the page.

Write in plain language whether in Arabic or English. Write short sentences in short paragraphs for easy reading and to make the layout of the page beautiful by the white spaces between the paragraphs.

In addition, it is very useful to upload your photo, or other photos about the topic, or the country and write captions describing the photos, or saying what is it about.

Add your real name and location. However, if you intended to report some political issues (i.e. human rights abuses) and feel you are afraid, don't worry.

You can still submit such information anonymously. Just be careful and make sure your information is correct and enter your details. Mention that you want your name to be removed from your entry. I'll assign a nickname to that entry.

If you wanted to submit such information using your name only for us to know and you do not want your name to go public, all you need to do is to indicate that you do not want your personal information to go public at the end of your entry.

It is good idea also to set-up automated notification to your comment using the suitable functions when you submit comment. You'll get
to a second page where you can find information to submit your email address to receive notifications about your commentary.

Secondary Comments on Commentaries:

When you read the commentaries, you'll see a link to comment on this entry, or to read comments and comment on this entry at the end of it. Just click on the link, if you wanted to participate in the discussion.

Write as long as 3000 characters and submit it. Follow the same guidelines provided above to write short sentences in short paragraphs.

If you thought that you could write more than this, use the form on the main page of that entry and indicate at the top of your commentary it is meant as a response to the commentary by the title "ENTER THE TITLE HERE", So, we could assign it and connect it with that commentary.

* Are you from Eritrea, the greatest state in the Horn of Africa?

Write about your city of birth, or your city of residence and upload pictures from it at Any Beautiful City.

* You are at How to Contribute to Eritrea and NGOs.

* Read the entry page at: Eritrea and NGOs.

You could read many Eritrean pages through the following organized Eritrean links:

Eritrean Site Maps:

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* The gifts are good and they could improve your writing and open your mind on how to use your passion to improve your life, even if you were student.

* You'll find out that you could build that passion on solid grounds, so you'll never need to search for employment. You may even quit your job, if you had one and concentrate on your passion online. See how to do that at the image below.

Site Build It!

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Sudanese Journalist, poet, write and human and political activist Khalid Mohammed Osman

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